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Further good reasons to exercise

Further good reasons to exercise

Previously, we've discussed on several occasions the benefit of exercise in improving our quality of life while living with CLL. Recently I came across these reports that found that even mild exercise reduces stroke risk and reduces or even prevents depression:

Stroke Reduction



Popular Press article


(While the study only included men between the ages of 60 and 80, I presume women would see a similar benefit, although oestrogen does provide a protective mechanism with diseases of the circulatory system.)

Assistance with Depression



PhD candidate George Mammen, who produced the review, commented "If you are not active, you should initiate the habit."

Finally, remember "The reason you exercise is to exorcise the extra size".


While out getting my daily exercise, I photographed these water birds (Heron, Ibis and Eurasian Coot), getting theirs.

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Great picture Neil - I hope the fish are fit :-)


Wonder what FISH type they are???


Good one! ;-)


Given the birds are wading in storm water run off from the streets, I'm surprised the water birds aren't Fluorescing In Situ - but perhaps I should check after dark? ;) I've yet to see any Hybridisation however; the birds are still recognisably different species. Now as to the FISH, well I don't get to see them - they disappear very quickly when caught. It has been a while since we've had any rain, so sadly I expect there will soon be dead fish that I could inspect for hybridization...


:-) :-)


And yet another good reason to exercise for half of the population.

For men, there's a good correlation between life expectancy and weight at diagnosis of prostate cancer:



Question in need of an answer:

"If you jog backwards, will you gain weight?"


Answer ....This is certainly true in an hypothetical ' backwards ' universe.

It has also to be noted that, eating chocolate would also be beneficial to weight loss .... unfortunately toiletry needs would be rather ' uncomfortable ' ......


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