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We asked five experts: is walking enough exercise?


"We humans need to exercise in order to stay healthy. Exercise protects against disease and early death, and keeps us mobile and able to perform daily tasks.

Walking is an easy, free and enjoyable form of exercise. But is a nice stroll enough to confer the life-saving benefits we know come from exercise?

We posed this question to five specialists in the field."


And how fast you walk makes a difference too!

"Some of us like to stroll along and smell the roses, while others march to their destination as quickly as their feet will carry them. A new study out today has found those who report faster walking have lower risk of premature death."



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Maybe stroll one way to smell the roses and take pictures and quick march back. You need to get that Apple system into your house so you can put your pictures up on I cloud, or is there another way to access them?


Unable to "like" When I try, it changes to unlike. Anyone else having this problem?

Wow for this pic also. "Red sky at night, sailors delight." The rock looks on fire.

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There's a bug in that 'Liking' a parent post no longer shows the count of likes incremented by one, but 'Unlike'.

I think this is the first time I have captured the spray from a breaking wave on rocks at sunset. Quite remarkable isn't it?

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I sometimes get unlike and sometimes get a number. Some kid at HU fixing things that were working just fine.

Glad I am not the only one ! When its a new post I am unable to like, mine also goes to unlike, but when there are replies I can like them ! Very odd ??


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I just liked a new post and got a number. No rhyme or reason!

Its like Alice ' curiouser, and curiouser ! …...

I purposely go out and walk a mile a day (extra to my normal activity). I try to go at my maximum speed. It is a hilly route. I don’t lose weight on that activity but my blood pressure is now 123 over 80 and pleased with that.

I also have a pedometer on my mobile phone and I set my weekly target. It is amazing how little you walk if the weather keeps you indoors for a day.

Sadly I see few younger people on my walk taking exercise.

This was interesting, but it makes me feel jealous. Heart failure and arthritis make it hard to walk, let alone at 3 miles per hour. Just wish I could (and give me a 20% chance of a longer life!). When I told my new consultant (only seen him once) about the fatigue he suggested exercise (at least he knew....). I pointed to my stick and said I wish I could, and his answer? A shrug.

ygtgo in reply to Psmithuk

I gave up reading with " Walking is an easy, free and enjoyable form of exercise ... "

A new tenant moved in next door to me yesterday ... that makes three ' mature ' ladies and me in the block of four terraced houses.

The 'mature' ladies all use walking sticks ... my competitive streak will force me to challenge them all to a race ... of course, I'll have to insist in having a head start !


Hubby does 4K walk a day with the dog, gentle stroll obviously. He mentioned swimming and cycling to his Clinical Nurse, her answer to one was, no swimming TIL much further down the line due to infections etc. As for the cycling, a gentle bike ride at first, but as soon as he started to feel tired to stop. I informed my hubby she did not mean Lands End to John O’Groats as he does not do ‘gentle or short’....

He finished his chemo on the 2nd July, HB 134 finally and WBC 4.84 there are now more normal blood test readings than there is abnormal just got to get Bilirubin to act normal ..... he sees his GP tomorrow for PSA results and examination so fingers crossed all is well that end. Think I should have worded that a bit different !!

Take care ..........remember everything in moderation


The no Doctor clearly does not walk very fast or very far or up any very steep hills or do any high altitude or deal with any running injuries

While I am pretty limited compared to 2017 and can’t really train I still show up a few 5Ks and adjusted my goal to walk them in under 45 minutes so now my CLL PR is 43:15

I suggest adding 2-3 days per week of weight training. Muscle loss is a huge issue for us as we age.

Dennis, marathoner for 50 tears but only lift weights and ride exercycle today

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