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Dupuytrens Contracture

Mention has been made about bad reaction to insect bites. I recently saw a cll thread talking about Dupuytrens Contracture. I came across DC in the context of family history - it is believed to be genetic and related to Viking ancestry. Several distantly related family members have this condition in their family. Not sure why there should be a connection with cll other than our wonky immune system but the question is being asked. Do others with cll also have DC? If so do they believe there is any connection to CLL.

Here is a link with some background for DC

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Yes I have DC in both hands and CLL, and my eldest brother also had both

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Yes I have it in the small finger of my left hand and my elest brother has it in both hands in four fingers. My father had it in both hands and his right hand was so bad that his fingers, save for his thumb and forefinger, were touching his palm and an operation was necessary and was carried out at the burns unit East Grinstead. THat said, it appears hereditary but neither my brother nor my father had and have CLL to my knowledge.


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