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How to Plan Your Long-Term CLL Treatment Journey - Patient Power - Professor Peter Hillmen

Patient Power’s latest Andrew Schorr video broadcast just hit my inbox

How to Plan Your Long-Term CLL Treatment Journey

“Most CLL patients don't expect a complete cure when they choose their treatment plan. So how do you plan for the long term? In this video, Dr. Peter HIllmen from the University of Leeds talks about the many different questions you should consider while planning out treatment for the long term. Watch now and learn about who should get which CLL treatment and when, potential side effects, and the cost.”

Professor. Peter HIllmen from the University of Leeds

About Prof Hillmen and earlier broadcasts;

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Soon to follow from Prof Peter Hillmen CLL Research Data Highlights from 2013 EHA watch out for Andrew's notification.

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The latest in the Patient Power series of video interviews of Prof Peter Hillman

An Expert's Perspective: What's Significant in CLL Now?

“At the 2013 of European Hematology Association (EHA) meeting in Stockholm, experts discussed the latest CLL research data. In this video, CLL expert Dr. Peter Hillmen from the University of Leeds, shares highlights of the study data that was presented. Dr. Hillmen also offers his view on new, small-molecule therapies and who may benefit from their use, explaining which patients may have better results with conventional treatment approaches. “

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I have this lovely guy as my cll specialist how lucky am I! Thank you to Leeds oncology centre for making the journey so easy


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