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How Prognostic Factors Can Help Manage CLL (Patient Power Video)

How Prognostic Factors Can Help Manage CLL (Patient Power Video)

In this ~12 minute video, Dr Koffman interviews Dr Bill Wierda of MD Anderson at ASCO 2013. From the Patient Power website:

"New and emerging prognostic factors are helping researchers to further understand the behavior of CLL. While there is currently not enough data for these factors to directly impact treatment decisions for every CLL patient, research is under way to identify those at high-risk for disease progression who may benefit from early intervention. Dr. William Wierda, clinical medical director in the department of leukemia at MD Anderson Cancer Center, explains this ongoing research and discusses recently discovered genetic mutations, including MYD88 and NOTCH 1, and their potential role in CLL management."

Andrew Schorr, who started Patient Power, recently joined this community right during our upgrade! Welcome Andrew!


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Received my link to this a couple of days ago. Andrew has now joined us here I see. Great to have him here.


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