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  • 3 hours ago
    What like TRU-016
  • 4 hours ago
    Seems that one easy way to lose weight is to reduce the size of your dinner plate. Stephen S Holden, Associate Professor, Marketing at Bond University, Queensland, Australia examines the influence of portion size on weight: http://theconversation....
  • 7 hours ago
    Alistair, I'm not medically trained and even if I was, it wouldn't be appropriate for me to give you advice without knowing your medical history and current health status. You are obviously aware of the increased risk of stomach and bowel ...
  • 8 hours ago
    That is an antiviral, not an antibiotic... totally different
  • 10 hours ago
    I take Acyclovir when I have a shingles outbreak
  • 10 hours ago
    Hello Neil, I have a low platelet count with my CCL and am taking a multi vitamin tablet with iron and all seems ok. Do you know if I should be taking a 75mg aspirin tablet each day which I am at the moment. Many thanks, Alistair
  • 11 hours ago
  • 12 hours ago
    Not related to CLL as far as I'm aware, are you on antibiotics like Ciprofloxacin? They have been associated with tendon damage recently
  • 13 hours ago
    I have noticed in the last few months recurring tendonitis in my Achilles and bicep and was wondering if this is related to CLL. I'm not doing anything physically that would normally cause this and while I could rationalize that the Achilles ...
  • 15 hours ago
    Thanks very much for taking the time, Neil. Sounds very like me with regards to fluctuation in nodes. My bloods are all normal at the moment. I next see the specialist two months after initial diagnosis. My node(s) - there's only one visible - ...
  • 17 hours ago
    I was treated for six months for a chronic chest infection/cough at the publicly funded homeopathic hospital on Great Ormond Street in London. It made absolutely no difference and while I was in the waiting room there, I saw a poster asking for ...
  • 17 hours ago
    I probably had SLL for at least 4 years and maybe up to 9 years prior to diagnosis. After my diagnosis, my doctor checked my previous blood test records and the oldest on file showed I had low neutrophils in 2006 (3 years before diagnosis), which...
  • 18 hours ago
    I would certainly agree with your proposal, Brian. I am, though, at a relatively early stage in my RESONATE2 study (just started my 8th cycle of Imbruvica). I am not expecting a CR or MRD- outcome as I have the 11q- and almost certainly ...
  • 19 hours ago
    Hi Neil, A few questions if I may? How long before diagnosis do you think you had it? If you're High Risk, how come they didn't start treatment straight away? What do your nodes look like now? Regards, Steve
  • 19 hours ago
    I've got to be honest and say I hadn't appreciated how porous the shells are and would have been tempted to wash an egg. Now I'll be throwing it away. Newdawn
  • 21 hours ago
    Thankyou although to most of us olduns it's common sense
  • 21 hours ago
  • 21 hours ago
    Your diagnosis experience was similar to mine. I had a pea sized lump appear on my upper thigh many, many years ago. When I asked my GP about it, he said it was x (I can't remember his term for it) and nothing to worry about. It was only quite ...
  • a day ago
    Hi Neil, Not at all. In October 2012, I noticed a lump under my right armpit which only manifested itself when showering in the morning. I went to the Doctors and saw a Nurse Practitioner who said she could not feel the lump, but would send for a ...
  • a day ago
    Over the years I've tried different homeopathic remedies for hay fever. For me the ones I tried were a waste of money. I also tried one for jetlag. (For Sydney to London). Seemed to have an effect but as I didnt have a second me present not ...

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