Day 2 for Tiff

Today Tiffany had her biopsy... we are all waiting for results although we have been told it's 99% looking to be BA.. I have found this site a God send even writing my experience and all of our journey so far is helping me to process things. I am finding all the staff at King's BRILLIANT!! I just want my little girl home. I appreciate all your stories as I'm gaining hope from them all

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Baby Tiff' & Family x

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  • Youre doing gr8, I know it's really hard & you're still in shock, but try not to think too far ahead, take a day at a time, as what we've found is that the Dr have to give u worst case scenario, but even if they have the same condition our little people are all different & unique. Our little man is 3 & we went through what you're going through, they thought it was ba but when opened him up to do the kasai found it wasn't that. As the others have said, you're in gr8 hands & they will look after her for you. Give David at Cldf a ring for a chat & some support, they are also there for any of your family to speak to, as it's hard enough processing it yourself, never mind taking the rellies through it. Give her lots of cuddles & remember to still take photos of her & with her as every day is part of her little journey that you'll look back on in years to come, when she's running round chasing all the boys xx

  • I hope you have got the results through by now. This will become a journey for you all but you will get through it. You need to stay strong and be there for each other. As previously said you are in good hands with the doctors and Cldf will give you support. My son was born with Biliary Atresia and had the kasai at 7 weeks. He had a liver transplant at 6 years old and he is now nearly 16. Since having the transplant he has done extremely well. But reiterating again what others have said take each day as it comes and enjoy your little girl.

  • Stay stong n positive. I know exactly what you going through and you will get through this. You are in our prayers. God bless

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