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frozen shoulder

Ive just been told I have a frozen shoulder,, which means I cant move my arm higher than my shoulder, and cant do other movements either without alot of pain..... I cant help wonder if its to do with being on statins or not? I never before had problems with painful limbs a couple of years ago....ive had this pain for about 8 months and been on statins for 16 months.....anyone else got similar condition???????,, by the way the doctor just says its something people get....

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Shoulder pain is very common but it isn't usually caused by arthritis, and will generally improve in a relatively short time and with simple treatments. In most cases you won't need Doctor.

What causes shoulder pain?

The shoulder is a complex structure, and pain can be caused by problems with the muscles, tendons and other soft tissues or by arthritis in the joint itself. Sometimes shoulder pain is related to a problem in the neck.

Specific Shoulder problems include:

acute calcific tendinitis

bicipital shoulder tendinitis

Frozen shoulder (Adhesive capsulits)


Painful arc/impingement syndromes

Polyhymnia rheumatic (PMR)

Referred neck pain

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rotator cuff tear

What are the treatments?


anti-inflammatory tablets or creams

Physiotherapy and exercise

Steroid injections


I sincerely hope the above information is helpful - keep well!!


Hello Gill100 I too have had frozen shoulder - according to my GP who sent me to a physiotherapist who said I DIDN'T have frozen shoulder but damage to my shoulder joint due to a fall I had at home. It took several weekly visits before I had more mobilty. I still can't put my arm behind me higher than my waist but the pain has gone. Go back to your GP and ask to be referred to a Phyio - they are much better qualified. Good luck.


Hi Gill 100

I developed frozen shoulder two years ago - very painful and restricted movement. Went to a physio which was essential to my recovery - had already taken anti-inflammatories with no change. The physio sessions were painful but they did help and now I get the odd twinge but nothing more. The physio told me off for having waited so long to ask for treatment. By the time I went I could hardly move it, couldn't sleep at night from the pain.

I think it is partly age related - I was in my late 40s - and the doctor told me that often it appears in the other shoulder too! So far so good but if it starts up again I am off to the physio.

Good luck,


Yes both my shoulders are frozen. my physio reckons caused by Atorvastatin. Stopped taking it 3 months ago (been on it 80mg since heart attack last October) Just had 2nd steroid injection and results of my cholesterol which is 8.5! ( despite low cholesterol diet) so have been put on simvastatin 40 mg. Will have to see now, cant risk another heart attack! Best wishes


Just thought I would update... My frozen shoulder took about a year to get to its worse point where I couldn't lift imy arm above my waist.... Then very gradually it started to improve and took approx a year to get back to normally.... Amazing! I was using statins all of the time too... So i guess they didn't cause it......?.?.


I've been on statins for 3 years due to diabetes. Approx 8 months ago I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder-like symptoms. After excruciating exercise, tens therapy, and acupuncture I still wake up in the middle of the night with radiating pain in shoulder joints. Felt like my shoulder was falling off. And felt like I was losing muscle around shoulder joints. (Plus noticed I was having trouble with vocabulary and memory.) Then suddenly last month, my pharmacist told me to never mix grapefruit with my statins or there maybe severe side effects including neurological and muscle loss. Shocked that I don't remember this warning, I proceeded to do my own research on combining food with statins. Found out anything sour or bitter would cause similar symptoms that I am currently suffering. So bitter melon, pomegranate, cranberry, even certain oranges can agitate. So 2 days ago, I stopped taking statins. (The statins were a preventative measure due to my diabetes, anyway. Like taking baby aspirin, not particularly life threatening.) Miraculously, overnight, my shoulder joint pain is gone. Yesterday, day 2, slept thru night without waking in the middle of night in pain. Furthermore, I woke up sleeping on the side of my frozen shoulder without pain. This morning, I was finally able to put my hair up in a centered pony tail. Whereas for months now, I have been sporting a sassy side (off center skewed) pony because I could not lift my arm past a certain angle. So conclusion? Do your own research, then ask your doctor if statins are absolutely necessary for your health. There is no research that says it's vital as a preventative measure. I'm fact, studies show that it is the number 1 over prescribed drug, second to Viagra. So although you may have suddenly recovered from your frozen shoulder, statins have been known to cause some extreme side effects years (yeeeeaaaarrrrssss) later. Just thought I put it out there even though this was posted a few years ago. Hope this helps somebody.


Oh, and frozen shoulder pain is not meant to last long if you do the exercises and therapy. So if pain persists after months of therapy keep looking. Chances are it is not frozen shoulder. The "old age" is just an nice way of saying, you are not exercising. 😀


statins debateable cause?muscular problem a pain in the neck........if you will excuse the pun

see doctor ask for referal to hydrotherapist exercises help and swimming at least twice a week

keep active only answer I figured good luck I am 67 how old are you?


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