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Abnormal ECG to Normal ECG?

I've been having Heart Palpitations for about 2 Weeks Now. I had an ECG at A&E on Monday and he said it was Normal but I had A Short PR Interval of 118. I had My Second ECG Yesterday On Thursday and it came back Normal with a Normal PR Interval of 140. Can it Change that quickly? I had to have The Second ECG done Twice because The First Time I Moved and The Sticker Came Off. I think The Sticker wasn't Stuck on properly when I did it again but My GP said if the Chest Sticker wasn't on The Line on The ECG wouldn't come up. I'm So Scared I have Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. I know The ECG can come back as Abnormal when it isn't done properly when it would be Normal but can it come out Normal when it would be Abnormal? Surely if I had something Wrong it wouldn't be able to come out as Normal or not?

Thank You


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Whoa lb76696 normal or abnormal! I think your worries are your problem!! If there was any hint of AC I am sure that the technician would have noticed it. The palpitations could be down to a number of things. Too much caffeine is one of the major causes of palpitations. Stress comes out as a very close second if not a tie to caffeine. If there is a problem with your rythm it will have manifested itself by now - does it happen when you are stationary - say sitting or lying down. Does it happen when you are very active - running up a flight of stairs or walking quickly. Two different answers to two different questions should give you a guidline to go back to the GP to get him to clarify. Write down all the questions you would like answers to and make an appointment for Monday. See if you get the right replies and ease your worries.

Best wishes to you.


hi there,

i to suffer from intermittent palpitations now for about 2 years on and of.

had a angiogram on wendesday and all ok. what is short pr interval? are you talking about your pulse rate?


Please don't worry, obviously with your history it is understandable but worrying does not solve anything. Keep a diary of your symptoms so you can show your doctor when having a consultation.It might help A+E if you have a record of your recent medical problems and also your medical history. I have AF, VT, and have recorded a heart rate of 208 BPM, I also have Hypertension. My ECG's can change within a second and again in a minute only in that minute am I seen to be having problems. Palpitations can be a sign of something serious but the vast majority of palpitations are caused by stress and worrying about symptoms, please record your symptoms and when you have a decent record over a period of time...consult your GP. If you have chest pains that do not go away quickly the usual answer is 999 where the record of your recent medical problems and also your medical history will probably be invaluable. I am not a doctor but by the tone of your post you are someone who worries too much, this alone can make you unwell, you have to learn to relax, good luck, all the best.


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