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Had ecg and they said it showed up a couple of things now I'm worried sick


I've been feeling like I've been having a few palpitations so had ecg and blood tests they said it showed up a couple of things I've got to wait til Monday for all my results. Now I'm worried sick I suffer anxiety anyway. The nurse said its nothin major. What can it be?

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Have high blood pressure as well

You tests has been carried out by nurses, not specialists (showed up couple of things) & (nothing major) . Nurses are not allowed to make any comments on any test that has been carried out!!!

All you can do is relax and takes things easy till your appoint next Monday. Please Google electro cardio gram have a read and write down a list of questions to ask the specialist. Blood test, again write down questions what tests were carried out and the explain the results and numbers.

Only an expert can answer or comment on the tests that has been carried out.

If you are on any medication ask questions on the medication, if new medication is offered, need to find out why?

Just relax till Monday. Please do let us know the findings.

Daisyway in reply to sandybrown

Thanks. She just said the doc wouldn't have let me leave if it was serious


Hi, you must be very worried, but please be reassured, if your health was in any danger, they wouldn't have let you leave.

It's awful having to wait till Monday now but try to relax and do something you enjoy to take your mind off it.

Relax, your doctor would not have let you leave the surgery if the results were serious. Do not get stressed about what you cannot change, (your appointment is on Monday) stress will just increase your anxiety and your blood pressure. Relaxation will help your anxiety and blood pressure, I recently found a free app called Calm which may help, I loaded it onto my Android phone and it helps relieve tension and stress. Smiling helps too, if its sunny at the weekend go for a walk, or sit in the garden, it all helps reduce your stress.

This has happened to a couple of friends of mine and they were worried sick like you. In both cases the findings were really minor and quite common, although they sounded incredibly complicated with lots of confusing abbreviations.

I agree with the others, anything major and you would have been told straight away.


They will probably tell you that your cholesterol is high - which is hardly relevant since recent trials have shown that high cholesterol is pretty irrelevant for women. I doubt that the ECG will have much on it, it's a very basic test. Relax (easier said than done though).


Also, I suspect that it's something VERY minor if the nurse dared to say it!

Thank you. Yes got high cholesterol as well 😞

sandybrown in reply to Daisyway

Do you know your cholesterol numbers and blood pressure?

with other factors like, height, weight and age you can do a QRISK calculation if you like. If necessary can help via message, please ask.

just view it as from Monday is the start of getting better.

Palpitations are a common result for those with anxiety .I should know, as I've been affected with it on and off for most of my life and I'm now 88.So cheer up. You, of course, could have another condition as well as anxiety or only anxiety. When having this you can also have physical affects as a result which will not do you any harm and go when either having the correct medication or recovering from the anxiety. Best wishes

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