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1st degree heart block

I`m wondering if anything can be done about extra systoles which I have had on & off since I was about 15. In the last 15 years they have been much more frequent. I had several tests done on my heart about 2 years ago, & was told that I haad high cholesterol, which Iv`e already mentioned, but also that they extra beats are caused by a condition called 1st degree heart block. I was scared when I was told this, but the doctor reassured me that it`s not dangerous & is common in people who are very fit. I don`t have any major trouble with this conditon except that it is a bit uncomfortable & disconcerting to have a heatbeat that feels as if it`s stopped, & then goes thud, & I also get palptations sometimes. The cardiologist who did the tests doesn`t seem concerned, but is there anything that I can do to lessen these symptoms?

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Can't your cardiologist answer that question? If he doesn't or won't I would ask for another opinion. If, as he says, they are not serious, they are to you and stress is not want you need!! Has he advised you on exercise, diet, do you smoke or drink regularly, are you overweight or have a very stressful job? Does anyone else in the family have similar problems or is there a history of heart problems? All these questions should be asked by your Dr. If, as you say, there are no concerns, YOU don't feel that way and you should impress on your Dr that you want more information and advice to help to lessen the symptoms. I would go back and have another talk to him and get him to see that you are not happy with things as they are. I wish you all the best.


Many people have 1st degree heart block and it is not a problem.


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