are there any alternatives to statins

I`ve been taking Simvastatin for about 6 weeks, but I had to stop because they were making me feel very tired & drowsy, & every time I ate something I`d fall asleep. I haven`t taken any for about 4 days, & am steating to feel better. The trouble is that I know that my cholesterol levels need to be kept under control, & I`m very wooried that I`ll develop heart problems if I don`t take them. I want to ask my doctor`s advice but I can`t get an appointment for ages. Is there any other measures I can take to reduce cholesterol in the meantime?

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  • Yes, there are...lots ! It's just that statins take all the "glory" if you know what I mean. Most, however are prescription only. A lot of people on this site have gone down the diet route, especially the UCLP one. Look on the HEART UK website for more info.

  • Don't rule out statins just because you had a problem with one of them. They are a bit different. I had horrendous problems with Rosuvastatin, but seem OK with Simvastatin so far (except for one brand that caused me to break out in lumps - which I think was probably due to a non-active(!) ingredient in the tablet).

    Also, I'd be complaining about that doctor to the NHS and probably looking for a new one. There's some sort of target for appointment timeliness I think.

    Agree with Aliwally - the HEART UK site had a list of all the possible treatments, as well as the UCLP diet.

  • I take high strength Plant Sterols 750mg x2 a day and oats for breakfast. My baseline cholesterol was 9.7 and now with the above 7.4 At present I choose not to take statins but this is a personal decision. Before I made any decision I discussed these options with my doctor. Good luck.

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