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Spoke to soon!

I posted last week that my cholesterol was down to 4.5, well i had an appointment with the practice nurse yesterday, & she said that was just the LDL level. My overall cholesterol is just as high as it was before, & now I`m despairing of ever getting it back to normal. The nurse said that it`s nothing to panic over, but I feel as if it`s my destiny to die prematurely of a heart attack like my mother did, & there`s nothing that I can do to avoid it, as i can`t take statins.

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What is in a number, do we belief in the people who made up these numbers?

Your number of ticks were set by your mum on the day she started it all, I am afraid we are unable to change it!

There are people with double digit cholesterol and living a healthy and happy life.

Please do not take any medications. Life style change, food intake change to LCHF and gym exercise, this is a slow process but it can work. I am just doing this.

Good luck.


Please, please don't panic. Taking statins would only reduce your risk by a small percentage anyway and a lot of people get absolutely no benefit from taking them. It is downright wrong that people are frightened that they will have a heart attack if they don't take them. A lot of it is clever marketing and manipulation of figures.

If you are really concerned about your level of cholesterol, there are other drugs if you want to go down that road for peace of mind.


My total cholesterol is 6.5, & Iv`e asked about genetic testing, but my gp didn`t think that it was necessary. My cholesterol levels were low until about 5 years ago, & I stopped taking statins after about 3 months because They made me so tired & achy that i couldn`t function.



When you were on station what was your total cholesterol?

do you still have any side effect from statin? day to day function was a problem!!

I took statin n fro three months and my TC came down to 2.8, I had stopped it after three months. As I am 67, reducing station is very slow by food intake and exercise. I have no plans to go back on statin.


I don`t know what my numbers were on statins, all my gp would say was, satisfactory, whatever that means.


6.5 is not that high, you probably don't need to be taking medication, unless there is another medical reason.

It's very unlikely to be a specific genetic condition as your reading would be much higher. Doctors do tell us that higher cholesterol is only one risk factor and yes, I know that there are others on this site who don't agree with that anyway, so please don't think you are going to have a heart attack at any minute because you can't take statins.


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