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Joining up

Hi my name is Dawn and I am sorry to all those at HUK that it as taken me so long to join up, at last a quiet Tuesday at work has allowed me to join.

I am a sort of postive outcome, of living with FH, severe heart disease and heart failure. Through many medical interventions and a great support network I have gone from being bedridden to working.

I am currently awaiting tests because my heart failure and angina have become worse again.

I remain positive and at work and am managing to control most of symptoms by adjusting diuretics and betablockers.

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Hello Dawnydreakbreak,

Welcome. Sorry to hear you have had such a rough time. It seems to be a bit of a lottery how some people are severely affected and how others seem to get off lightly. Stay positive. X


So glad you have joined up Dawnydreakbeak, we are a very friendly lot! It is really good as well to have members with all sorts of different experiences to share.

Sorry that you have been so badly affected but you must have a lot to share with us.


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