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Chest pain caused by anxiety

Hope this might be useful - I tend to suffer from chest pain associated with anxiety, which doesn't help if your anxiety is caused by the lipid clinic trying to convince you you're about to have a heart attack if you don't follow their advice. My latest bout coinciding with my last visit!

Anyway I found this upper body stretching routine which is great and has really relieved the pain and helped me to breathe better - I can feel I'm breathing right into the bottom of my ribs now as opposed to just from the top of my chest.

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Well done you for taking control, anxiety can be very debilitating and it is physical.


I know you feel re doctors. Both my sister and I feel the same. We dread speaking to a doctor for fear that they'll decide we need either a statin, a blood sugar lowering or anti-hypertensive drug. Aside from that, they all seem to know nothing except what the drug companies have put out! They are very good at putting fear in people to advance their own agendas.


Hi my GPs practice seem to be Ok and don't push statins at all, and I think a lot of them are secretly statin sceptics. It's the lipid consultants who are unremittingly awful in my experience.

I think there is a real divide opening up between GPs and the statinators on this. A lot of GPs don't like having to tell reluctant patients to go on statins.

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I get a lot of anxiety and it can cause chest pain so it's nice to see there's things I can do to relieve the pressure


Recently after angiogram I've been told my statins need upping because my bad cholesterol is genetic I just make bad cholesterol the angio shows 30-40% narrowing of the left descending coronary artery slight occlusion of right and bridging of blood vessels through heart told me I'm being treated with meds just want me to take meds to slow heart im on propranolol now and simvistatin along with apixaban twice a day for my pulmonary embolisms my heart rate isn't even fast when I'm resting it's about 64 but they want to slow it down more ? Nobody can tell me why I got the P.E's and when in hospital I had crushing chest pain with slight increase in troponin went from 3-21 but angio showed no muscle damage they think it's the P.E's making troponin raise but I'm not so sure as my chest was crushed I have M.E so not as mobile as I'd like to be but I don't think this caused my P.E's and talking to my GP is like talking to the wall so I give up but I just have to accept chest pain while P.E's are there


Hi Bill

I should explain my chest pain isn't caused by my heart, but stress related, what happens when you're stressed is all the muscles connecting your ribs and diaphragm can tighten up which causes the pain.

Best to check with your docs before starting any new exercise routine if you're ill, especially if you have PE.


Thanks idontbelieveit for the comments about chest pain.

The recent letter from my cardiologist in the hospital has no mention of a heart attack and suggests chest pain was p.e. or arterial spasm and the raise in troponin was caused by p.e. I'm wondering if the pain I get is indeed stress related because I do suffer from anxiety and the past year has been stressful.

My consultants for heart and chest don't seem to be 100% certain about anything my main concern now are these clots and finding out if the apixaban is working I'm waiting for appointment with haematology if I get stressed out my chest gets tight so I'm guessing like you it's the chest muscles ? Anyway thanks for comments.



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