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Every few weeks or so normally when laying down I have had a piercing

sharp pain to dead centre of chest, which only last about 15 seconds or so but leaves unpleasant taste in mouth, not sure why but go and have a small spoon

of sugar and which seems to help, I have explained this to my doctor some months ago and was told everything was ok, but not told the reason why it happens?

Can you help



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I would not rely on amateurs to advise you on this. I would suggest you go back to your doctor and tell him/her you are worried and need an explanation as to the cause of this pain. Worry is bad for you - the pain may not be.


Thank you Yvonne,

Thank you for your reply and entirely agree with you and I had already made arrangements with my regular Doctor at the end of this month, if it happens again prior to my appointment I will get a emergency appointment.

Thank you again,

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If the problem is dietary then I would say your doctor is highly likely to be an amateur. I asked a young newly qualified doc how many hours training they receive in nutrition, he replied 7 hours. I responded what 7 hours per week. He said no 7 hours total over the 7 years !!


1946, I was born in Dec 1946!

How long after your meal did you lie down? Was it ne bed or, relaxing chair?

You need to keep a food intake list and reaction to different food intake for at least one month to check on food that is giving you this pain and eliminate some of your food intake. Try reducing the quantity of your food intake.

What test did your doctor to say everything was OK?

Make an appointment to see your GP, GP, experienced or new GP may or may not have come across a problem like yours!. Therefore any additional information you can offer will of help to GP.

Do you have any other stomach problem, have you lost weight?


This is one for your GP, and keep persisting, just because he may not know, does not means that it does not need investigating.


Worth reading the article on acid reflux. Agree with the reply on diet that food habits merit thinking about as a possible link.


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