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Cholesterol reduction

Since October 2016, following MI and stent fitted to LAD artery, with medication and lifestyle changes I have achieved 80% reduction in cholesterol levels. From 5.8 to less than 1.8 I take 60mg avrostatin daily. What does evidence suggest?? Could i reduce statin, or stop?

Also since giving myself a treat day once a week for the last month.... red meat, wine, coffee, chocolate etc. I have felt a lot happier. Is it true that low cholesterol is associated with feeling low????

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I think that perhaps the numbers you have quoted are for the LDL component ( only) of your overall cholesterol??


Yes it is also associated with Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimers and Cancer which is not surprising as cholesterol is a vital component of good health. I stopped taking Statins after 2 months having read copious amounts of literature and research. I came to the conclusion that heart disease is not caused by excess cholesterol, at least not the amounts that have doctors twitching for the Statins. In the Lyon heart study the Med' diet outperformed Statins to such an extent that the trial was stopped on ethical grounds.

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Hi Since you have experienced MI, i suggest that you should not change your medications without consulting a medical expert on that subject. there are other alternatives to satins for lower cholesterol ie. there are lot of supplements like Cq10 , Alpha Lipoic Acid etc but you need to get medical advise. try to contact this doctor


Dont worry... i would not change anyhing without doctors approval.... i was looking for ideas to research.... so i can converse with doctor....


You nee to go back to your GP or cardiologist to check on the cholesterol number and may be consider a lower dosage?

1.8 is low? your number was 5.8, only 0.8 over the WHO and NHS numbers.

We human needs cholesterol for our body to function properly.


From my research, human body produces 80 % of cholesterol on demand and 20 % from food and drinks intake.

I also read about statin as primary medication and secondary medication.

As you say your lost 80 % of total cholesterol on medication to 1.8 , 1.44 of cholesterol from you body and 0.36 from food intake!!!

When I was on 10mg statin I lost total cholesterol from 6.8 to 2.8 in three weeks, I went for tests even though my GP suggested for me to wait for six months.

I had side effect which stopped me from day to day function.

Do you have any side effect?


No side effects yet... i had a liver and kidney test to double check and they are fine. I will suggest to my doctor to reduce statin... or to phase them out.... its a tricky one. Clinical trials indicate risk of repeat heart attack is much lower with low cholesterol.... so its a balancing act!!!

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