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Newley diagnosed

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I've been recently diagnosed with high cholesterol & would just like some advice & help where to start with a low fat diet. My GP has refered me to a specialist, but while I wait any hints would be appreciated. Thanks

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Would it be possible for you to give your blood lipid results?

did you doctor do a QRISK analysis and offer full explanation?

As far as I know, it's not about a low-fat diet, so much, although that can help, but eating more of the foods that help lower cholesterol. I do take a daily cholesterol-lowering drink (Benecol, or the supermarket equivalent), and try to have oatmeal - usually in the form of home-made muesli (basically oatmeal with a grated apple, orange juice, milk, yoghurt, seeds and other fruit, soaked at least overnight), and add a spoonful of sunflower or mixed seeds to my salads, etc. But the main thing that will lower your cholesterol is the medication your specialist will give you. Diet, I am told, is relatively unimportant, although we should all be eating a healthy, Mediterranean-style diet.

Thànks. My cholesterol level is 10! I didn't think I ate too unhealthy, as I don't eat junk foods or takeaways! I know I should eat more fruit & veg but I don't excercise enough. I retired early because of another health issue so I'm not as active as I should be but I'm trying. I walk 30mins a day. This is very new to me .

I shouldn't worry too much; the doctors have caught it in time before you had a heart attack or a stroke, and I know my doctor said that mine might have been very high for years! The only difference between now and last week is that you know about it. It's normal to worry, of course - I don't think medics take anxiety into account at all, sometimes! Has your appointment with the specialist come through yet? If I were you, I'd write down all the questions you have that occur to you between now and then; I'm sure they'll be able to set your mind at rest.

Thank you. This has only happend in the last week so I'm a bit in shock as to what might happen! It's good to be able to talk to someone else who understands. May I keep in touch? Hope you don't mind! My father had a stroke in his early 60s, so I'm worried this might happen to me!

I do so know - it's only just over a month for me, and I was definitely in shock. Fortunately I was able to speak to one of the nicest GPs in our practice who was very reassuring!

Human body produces 80 % of cholesterol on demand from the body function, the other 20% for what goes into out mouth!!

Total cholesterol has a man made formula to calculate other lipids.

A GP, doctor can before medication discuss the benefit of life style change, regular exercise, healthy diet for a healthy life in the 10 minute appointment.

There are people who have lived a healthy life with double digit total cholesterol.

Thanks for your reply. All I've been told is my cholesterol is 10! I don't really know much else. I go on 30min walk every day & am cutting down to a low fat diet. Is there anything else I can do?


"What is genetic high cholesterol? Familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH for short) is an inherited condition which can lead to extremely high cholesterol levels. It's passed down through families in the genes. "

Heart UK was setup to help people with FH, what was heart Uk on healthunlocked is no Cholesterol Support.

If you can Google both British Heart Foundation an heart UK you can read a lot of information on Cholesterol and FH. There is an email address and a telephone number for help as well.

Take care.

Thanks. I've looked at BHF site & looked at alot of info. It's good to talk to someone else.

Please have a look at the information in the link below:

Dietary Recommendations for Familial Hypercholesterolemia: An Evidence Free Zone

Dr Steven Nissen Cleveland Clinic Cardiologist, on the Evidence, or Lack Thereof on Low Fat Diet

Thanks for your help. Will do.

It's worth getting a printout of your cholesterol/lipid results with the lab ref. ranges, which should be listed alongside each lab result. And then look at your Triglycerides to see if your result is at the lower end of the ref. range. If it's in the higher end of the ref. range, try to reduce intake of sugar and carbs, as that is thought in some expert circles to be of more relevance/importance than "total cholesterol".

Also check your HbA1C lab result to see where it is in the lab ref. range. If it's in the upper part of the ref. range, it again indicates a need to reduce sugars & carbs.

Re "total cholesterol", a specialist said she'd be satisfied with my "total cholesterol" being no higher than 10 (i.e. without the use of cholesterol lowering meds).

In addition to the above, it's helpful to moderate systemic inflammation and emotional stress, if possible. It also helps to optimise thyroid hormones, as that will usually reduce total cholesterol by some amount. But total cholesterol usually rises as we grow older... and that's not, necessarily, a bad thing.

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At the moment I'm in the dark about it all. I have an appointment at hospital in September so hopefully I'll understand it more!


You don't say what your other condition is and of course I understand if you do not want to mention it.

I once had raised cholesterol prior to being diagnosed with a thyroid issue. This resolved once my thyroid was correctly tested and treated.

On the NHS website it does mention that the thyroid should be treated well before starting statins. Low Thyroid hormones slow the metabolism and can slow down the excretion of cholesterol from the liver. The endocrine glands are like an orchestra - all different parts - and the thyroid is the conductor 🤔

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