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Thousands with high cholesterol set to benefit from new treatment on the NHS

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Zetia was a monster to me as it caused me to pee blood and become anemic and it was so subtle that you didn’t even notice it was happening until BOOM full on bloody urine and severe back pains and anemia.... I do not have kidney problems .

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DakCB-UK in reply to Batty1

what's zetia?

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Batty1 in reply to DakCB-UK

Cholesterol lowering drug

Its crazy to think a drug for cholesterol would make you anemic.

I told my GP and she said oh you must have passed a kidney stone, no I didn’t. I have blood test done every 3 month that includes kidney function and nothing has come back off and once I stopped zetia my issues (bleeding) cleared up and so did the monster back pain.

Yup read above it was mentioned.

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