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cholesterol is a few points high

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newbee here

just been told my cholesterol is just on the high side

what foods should i be eating to lower it


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Many factors needs to be considered!, age, medical history and other medical conditions.

What are the numbers? please ask your GP practice for a printed copy.

food and drinks control, watching out for hidden sugar, free sugar in food and drinks, regular exercise can help towards a healthy life.

You can ask your GP practice for a risk analysis and full explanation.

You can read other posts to get information on food.

Hi Shogg

Go for high fibre foods if you can, increase slowly if you're not used to them. Have lots of different vegetables. Something like porridge for breakfast may be a good idea, be sure to avoid sugary cereals.

As Bala has said, watch out for hidden sugar in food, it can crop up in unexpected places. Cutting back on refined starch and processed foods generally can also be a good idea. Keep some good fat in your diet like olive oil.

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shogg in reply to Penel

thanks for that i already have porridge with blueberrys for brekky

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sandybrown in reply to shogg

Porridge, quantity? any other additions.

Portion or quantity has been a problem for me, measuring a small portion from a large box, very difficult!!

This is what I add to the porridge, (2min packet cooked in the microwave with milk), cinnamon, salt and turmeric. Very difficult to get used to this but it helps!

Measuring portions for lunch and dinner has been difficult as well, but have managed it.

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shogg in reply to sandybrown

i have 100grams of oat 200ml of skim milk 1 table spoon of greek yogurt wisk together put in fridge over nite add beerys in the morning jobs a good un

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Nic2ie in reply to sandybrown

Hi Bala,

How much cinnamon and turmeric do you put into the porridge?

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sandybrown in reply to Nic2ie

Quantity of cinnamon and turmeric? First try a pinch one at a time to see if you like the taste then both together. Not every one like the taste!!

I normally take 1/2 tea spoon of both cinnamon and turmeric in my breakfast. We have curry two times a week and my wife use both cinnamon and turmeric in curry cooking.

I do not do this every day may be three times a week.

I read in news papers how good both cinnamon and turmeric are for human health.

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Nic2ie in reply to sandybrown

I've heard a few things about turmeric being good for you so will try it and see how I get on. Thanks

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PeterWh in reply to shogg

Hope you are not on warfarin???!!!!

Cholesterol, on the high side. Many posts on this.

What are the numbers is the fist question and what was the reason for blood tests the second question.

Human body makes 80 % of required cholesterol and 20 % from food and drinks intake.

Some medication side effect can increase cholesterol!

A GP may be can answer the question on why there is cholesterol and may be additional tests.

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