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Blood test result help

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I suffer with hypopituitarism which was originally picked up when I went to a lipid clinic. I take 20mg hydrocortisone and 75mcg of thyroxine daily along with 5mg growth hormone and am also on hrt. I thought this would all help with my cholesterol but if anything it has got worse! I am also waiting on a liver scan as my palms are always very red. I have noticed my red blood count is high and serum globulin is low! I am also vitamin d deficient but then so are most people! If any one has any advice that would be great! I do have an appt at kings on the 12th with my Endoncrine nurse but my doctor is rubbish and this is a long time to wait! Thank you

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Hi KM,

If I were you, I'd post ALL of your recent blood test results with the associated reference ranges on the Thyroid UK forum.

You said, "I am also vitamin d deficient but then so are most people!" "Deficient" means different things to different people. What was your actual result and the reference range? I don't understand why you say... "but so are most people!" Your post is about yourself, not "most people". It isn't good that "most people" are deficient in Vitamin D.


I am impressed with your blood results and the use of technology.


Here's something to read and consider - an article on natural treatment of thyroid disorders:


Benefits of glutathione:

Here's a way to get glutathione and vitamin C, directly, in large doses:

Here's how to get it in the UK:

Abundance & Health Ltd.

+44 (0)20-3239-4907

Email Distributor


Natural Dispensary Ltd

+44 01453 757792

Email Distributor


Wholesale Health Ltd

+44 03337 777 333

Email Distributor


Here's the European website of Livon Labs:


Note that large doses of vitamin C, especially using this product, will reduce LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and non-hdl cholesterol.

Good luck.


Even though your blood glucose may be normal, your insulin/IGF-1 levels must be having a torrid time!

Triglycerides are three fatty acids bound by a carbohydrate backbone. It therefore takes only one third the number of carbohydrates compared to fatty acids to form these lipids. Your high levels indicate you are having way too much carbohydrate, and this will be having a detrimental effect on your chronic health.

The resulting high insulin levels will contribute to vitamin D deficiency problems, as will lack of natural fat.


Thank you and you are confirming what I thought but trying to ignore! It is time for a diet overhaul and to stick to it! Drastically cut the carbs and I think my over all health will start to improve!!! Thank you!

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