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I feel as though i am going mad or going to have a breakdown as i am totally stressed with some symptoms i am having! I have type 2 diebetes, which i have only been diagnosed for for a few months. This has very much worried me and i am trying to get my head round this. Also i am overweight, smoke, but i am trying to do something about this with exercise and trying to eat healthly. I am struggling with all this, feeling low, worried, panicking and have anxiety which makes me comfort eat. The left side of my arm feels more swollen than my right, i have not a pain more an achy feeling in my left arm and above and around my left breast. I also have pins and needles that come and go but its this achy feeling and swollen arm thats worrying me. I dont know what to do, im very scared!

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Hello Nikki111 - You have been given some life changing news with the diabetes 2 results. Your GP will guide you with diet, exercise and, of course, will help you to give up smoking. You will find, as you change your diet, and gently increase your exercise the weight will come off and you will find yourself feeling better.

The feeling of swelling in your arm, etc., should be IMMEDIATELY checked out, either via your GP if you trust him, or go to A and E if you can. They will make sure that your blood pressure is OK, that your have a regular blood flow in your arteries. This is not something that you should put off. Not because it could be life threatening, but because it is worrying you and that is not going to help you to cope with your necessary recovery regime you are going to have to follow to get your health back on track.

Have you family around you? If so, get them to support you. Get them to go with you to the Drs/Hospital and be with you during your tests. All this should see you clear to the path that you need to go on to get yourself fit and healthy.

All the best to you, and keep in touch. Let us know how you get on.


Thankyou for your reply. Much appreciated.


Hi Nikki

I agree with Patch about the need to check out your symptoms asap. After that you will have either been reassured that nothing major is going on or you will have had the necessary treatment in the short term. Let's hope it is the first case. Now for the good news. Type 2 diabetes can be reversed by changing your lifestyle - most importantly, your diet. And, of course, giving up the smoking!

I had a stent about 10 years ago and fortunately discovered an American doctor named Joel Fuhrman. Through reading his books I have dramatically improved my diet and have now reached the stage where I am 2 stone lighter and am no longer taking aspirin or statins (with my Englsh GP's ok). This took some time, however. I would urge you to read any of his books but the most recent one, just released, deals specifically with diabetes. It is called "The End of Diabetes" by Joel Fuhrman M.D. and I am sure you can get it on Amazon. Good luck with it. Best wishes, Chas.


Hi Nikki, I had same shock 9 months ago, but all fell into place about being hungry all the time and not being able to lose weight. I chose to follow the low carbs route from 'diet doctor' website (suggested on this site) rather than willpower route that NHS expects you to succeed with when it hasnt done before. Do they think we all go round scoffing without worrying about our weight and trying to cut down? I am now in total control of my appetite and have lost 2 stones and feel wonderful while never needing to starve ever. i just eat nuts or cheese and then am fine till the next meal if a bit peckish. The whole family eats loads more veg and has joined me - husband and sons lost a stone each without trying; husband stopped snoring and having headaches and indigestion. We eat cream, full fat Greek yoghurt and nuts alongside an ordinary diet of meat, fish and loads of vegetables with some berries and plums and Canderel thrown in. My sugars were 6.0 and my good cholesterol excellent so the doc agreed no statins. someone said i look years younger. Its a bit difficult eating out and shopping for less than 5% carbs everything but the improvements and guilt free life are worth it.


Wow thats great! Im determind to do it, i know i can, thanks for the reply!


I feel abit better, ive more or less stopped smoking and eating well, with the odd treat, that still needs some working on. Im starting my exercise next week, thanks for the replies


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