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Please help me understand these results


Hello, everyone. I am confused. The results of my last test and current cholesterol test results show my LDL HDL ratio is 3.3. But looks like everything is out of whack.. If I understand correctly. You are supposed to take the total cholesterol number and divide it by Your HDL Result and that is actually 5.0.. Am I missing something?

My doctor is having a fit.

According to the American Heart Association a 3.3 ratio of HDL/LDL for a woman is ideal and means you are at half the average risk. I continue to make dietary and health wise decisions..

I have been taking Puritans Pride red yeast rice for the last four and a half months.

I do not want to take a Statin drug.

I would appreciate anyone's input. And im including the test results.

I have noticed that since being on the red yeast rice my sugar level has risen.

Used to run around 70 is fasting. This time it was 100!! My A1C is 5.6.

Not sure I want to continue with this red yeast rice either..

Bp is good .

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Hey Girl !* "RINSE" Your Rice Under Cold Water. Put The Water Over The Rice In A Pot & Stir It With Your Hand [ or spoon ] And You'll See The Cold Water Become Cloudy. Empty & Repeat That Several Times. Then Cook Your Rice. [ The SAME Process With Pasta's ].

The Cloudy Water You See Is "Starch". A Cold Water "Rinse" Is Important Because You Are Not Removing The Nutrition But The "Starch". As Anybody Knows, As Soon As Starch Passes When You Swallow ? Your Body Processing Says "SUGAR".

Rice is the most commonly consumed staple food in the world (42Trusted Source).

It is also high in starch, especially in its uncooked form. For instance, 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of uncooked rice contain 80.4 grams of carbs, of which 63.6% is starch (43).

Plus More Starch Is Reduced After Cooking.

The Thing That Is So Cool About A Blood Sugar Monitor Is That You Can Use It As A Tool To See How YOUR Body Processes Different Foods. No 2 People Are The Same.

Hey there. I only eat organic brown rice. And I do Rinse it. I take red yeast rice capsules. For cholesterol. Thank you!!

Well Hun ? Taking "Red Yeast Rice Capsules" Could Be Your Problem Then. Could They Not Be Loaded With Starch ? Sure !* Hope You Are Doing Well Hun*

My cholesterol was way high before i started taking them.

I hope you can reduce you cholesterol by food intake control. Only 20 % of cholesterol is from food intake, the other 80 % the human body makes it for the body function.

Cooking rice, in 21at century there are many methods.

The old way of cooking rice is to boil the rice in a post with plenty of water and once the rice is cooked, you test this with one grain of rice for soft!!

Drain the raise, wait for it to cool before eating. In the olden days the drained water were given to the animals as feed!!

Cooking rice in a microwave or in a Morden rice cooker is not good for human health.

Many people nor days cook rice in a rice cooker. Not good for health.

I only eat brown rice well rinced.

I take red yeast rice capsules for its cholesterol lowering properties. It helps a lot of people. I think my cholesterol issue is hereditary.

Is it before cooking or after cooking?


Cooked rice should be rinsed to remove all starch from a boiled pan!!!

Brown rice is no different to white rice when your talking carbohydrates .

What you should look for if wanting to reduce carbohydrates is Long Grain Rice , preferably Basmati extra long has the lowest GI index.

Short Grain , Medium Grain and Sushi types are medium to high on the GI index.

Just realized what some of the posters above are talking about re. rinsing the rice.

Red Yeast Rice is a supplement not a Rice type - its a yeast grown on rice which yields

monacolin K ( the same ingredient as lovastatin )

Do you have 90 day blood tests to follow your blood sugars as a reading of 100 would mean pre diabetic.

It is known that statins ( RYR is lovastatin ) can increase the chances of pre diabetics becoming diabetics - but this is supposedly one of the advantages of RYR in that it does not have this effect . ( but everyone responds differently )

I take HPF RYR 1200mg x 2 and dont have any increase in my blood tests ( diabetes 2 )

Rice will definitely put up your readings - there is no healthy amount , better to restrict it to as little as possible.

Rice brown or white is good. We have to look at portion size.

I totally understand why you don't want to take statins. You could find out more about the condition of your heart arteries by getting a CAC Test.

Thank you to everyone for your replys!!

Seems i am in worse shape then ever with the RYR. It definately hasnt helped. And i know my sugar was never over 70- 75 fasting before i started it.

So in the trash it goes. Trading one issue for another is not in my best interest. There is really no proof that cholesterol causes heart disease.

Not cholesterol alone. I have seen the effects of diabetes. I also take 25 mg of Levothyroxine for my thyroid and all my hair is coming out this also did not start till I started the thyroid medicine about a year ago. It's going in the garbage too.

I have already found out 25 mg is not enough to help me and it seems to only be hurting me. I'm just done. My doctor doesn't give a hoot and I can't afford another one. He will not do the adequate testing I need to monitor my thyroid. I cannot afford these tests on my own. Tossing all my meds and turning to my faith. No use taking medications when you're not getting adequate monitoring.


Lowering your triglyceride levels is critical to lowering your LDL-C.

The best way to lower cholesterol is to eliminate simple carbohydrates from your diet:

- soft drinks

- fruit juices

-alcoholic beverages

- white flour products such as - white bread, white pasta, white pizza dough

- white rice, white potatoes

- desserts, crackers, cakes - avoid all sweets;

Eliminate all processed foods.

increase your daily consumption of fiber-rich foods:

- legumes - beans, chick peas, lentils, green peas, almonds;

- nuts and seeds - walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, cashews, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds;

- green vegetables especially - arugula (rocket or rochette), broccoli, rapini, kale, dandelion greens, bok choy etc...

- fruits - especially: apples, oranges, blueberries, blackberries;

If you follow these guidelines you bring your body in balance, and your weight to its natural level. Once this happens, it will potentially eliminate your need for medications assuming you don't have any other complicating medical conditions or factors.

Read my pinned post to the right of the page - "How I Conquered Heart-Disease and What I have Learned in the Process".

Good luck.

Interestingly.. you basically just described my diet. I have a rare dessert item. On a special occasion. I love blackberries and beans. I have a alcoholic beverage on occasion.

I juice healthy fruits and vegetables.

I have completely eliminated pork for the last 2 years. I drink lots of water.

I enjoy walnuts pecans almonds with honey on occasion. I do brown rice spaghetti or any type of pasta that I should have on occasion is brown rice.

Whole grain or rye bread. Leafy greens.

I would not say my diet is 100% perfect but I would say it's 90%. This has made basically near no difference!!

Oh and I walk from 30 minutes to 90 minutes a day, and this does not include walking when I'm working. That means I go for a walk. I was on the Atkins diet for almost a year and juicing daily or every other day. On a great exercise program and I was younger, pretty near my ideal weight and my cholesterol was still way too high. Almost the same as now. :-(

in reply to Autumn822

Oh and everything I cook I use olive oil.

What's more I do not do processed foods! Not even like sliced turkey meat.

I have given up most of the foods that I love except for on rare occasion that includes Sweets Pizza hamburgers or any other red meat. I still have red meat but not very often. I just recently have been making my own fermented vegetarian kimchi. Honestly there's not a lot more dietary changes that I can make that I see.

While looking for information on IDL and VLDL cholesterol, I came across Remnants Cholesterol.

You can calculate your risk from the information below.:

"" Have you heard of remnant cholesterol before?

No? Great! It is actually a very easy concept. But before we get started on the remnant cholesterol…

Let’s make sure you are able to calculate it! This is a classification of cholesterol that you want a number for. Next time you go get a blood test and lipid panel, make sure you calculate your remnant cholesterol. It is actually really easy, so don’t be intimidated!

They do not measure this amount directly – you have to pull out some old math skills. Take total cholesterol and subtract off HDL & LDL from that number (RC = TC – LDL – HDL). Check out the example below:

•Total cholesterol = 250 mg/dL

•LDL cholesterol = 150 mg/dL

•HDL cholesterol = 80 mg/dL

•Remnant cholesterol = 250 – 150 – 80 = 20 mg/dL

So the remnant cholesterol for this person is 20 mg/dL, and he is in the “low risk” quintile. Wasn’t that easy? Now you can go do that and ask your doctor about it when you go get blood work done next.. We wouldn’t be surprised if your doctor hasn’t even heard of remnant cholesterol before. Most doctors don’t learn about stuff like this. They just learn symptoms and drug remedies – a big game of match the diagnosis with the pill.

Risk profile for remnant cholesterol levels

Based on this study, you ideally want your remnant cholesterol to be at 15.5 mg/dL or below. Really though, anything between 15.5 – 27 mg/dL shows a very slight increase in risk. We would say that anything under 27 mg/dL is going to be okay. Again, these are just numbers associated with heart disease. Above is a summary of the risk profiles. This should help you see what sort of risk category you fall into. These informal levels are not standard with any organization, they are just from a published study.


Calculating information.

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