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Statin side-effects

Hello :)

My cholesterol is raised with low thyroid function (half taken out) & low vit D (cholecalciferol) - on Thyroid UK this is a common association/marker.

My work colleague is prescribed statins (along with other meds) & has joint pain & I've read statins don't really work for females (Dr Malcolm Kendrick). There's also natural statin in red rice.

Q Do the benefits of statins outweigh the side-effects for females?

Q What are the side-effects on statins?

Q How many experience side-effects, (% reported)?

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Hi Spareribs! πŸ€“

If you &/or your friend take a look at my post, you'll see that near the top of that post I've included documents about statins and females. The answer to your question - usually - is a Big Fat NO for females.

You quite rightly made the connection between thyroid and cholesterol/lipid levels. Even a slight under-functioning or slight slow-functioning thyroid/pituitary gland will raise our cholesterol/lipid levels.

The loss of memory, increased joint and muscle pain, and acceleration of arteriosclerosis that statins cause is not - in my opinion - worth it.

Your friend should also bear in mind that doctors receive a financial bonuse/reward for each person they put on statins. So, you and your friend will have to think about how that financial reward might affect someone's judgement.

I've also included some interesting videos.

Anyway, I hope you find my fact-based post enlightening. I've also included some ongoing statin lawsuits.




ooh - is that a 'live long & prosper' emoji?

I've read a tinsy bit - inc. Malcolm Kendrick,

She's a Scot so should take notice - but I doubt she ever will...

and what ever happened to the one funding point for thyroid problems?

Thanks for the links, Amica :D

the answers, may be blowing in the wind, but will probably take a hurricane to notice!

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When you find the answers to the three questions could you please let every one know the answers.

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The answers to all three questions, especially the first two, are already known.


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