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can't lose weight

can't lose weight

I am 76 years old, in the last two years I had open heart surgery for 5 bypasses, then had two strokes, that zeroed me for about 2 years; finally I recovered to a degree, gave up 13 years of statins, and getting a little stronger.

I walk 3 miles a day with short stops in the middle to rest; I am on a fatty diet of mostly cheeze and raw milk.

I haven't lost a oz in almost 2 wks.; I weigh 240 lbs from being sedentary for 2 year.

I am taking Q10 which helps my energy , but still have to take beta blockers for my bp. I am eating about 1500 calories a day

My question is how do I raise my reluctant metabolism, as I believe that is the problem.

I will not give up,, do I need more patience; I am feeling great now, but can't lose the wt,

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How much weight did you lose leading up to the two weeks without change 4BBK? Your metabolism may have slowed if it thinks you're starving. You could try increasing your intake for a couple of weeks each month to prevent this.

Other things that increase metabolism include exercise; aerobic exercise directly by burning more energy, strength exercise by increasing lean body mass. The first thing we need to do following a session is recover though, so we need to limit what we do.

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I haven't really gained or lost wt in two years, I have been wondering if I have been eating less calories than I should.

I am still recovering from my strokes and not sure if it is because of my strokes or being too lazy, or too old to get my metabolism back to what I think is normal.

I am not looking for an easy way out, I am just concerned that nothing works. I have been leary of adding more calories for obvious reason's but will surely give it a try.

Thank you kindly for your response and helpful hints.


You look as if you may be American or Canadian. There is so much info coming out if the USA via Drs Esselstyn, Ornish, McDonald etc re the WFPB diet that Bill Clinton is following since his heart attack, I lost a stone in weight without trying and am now slightly underweight. See also Forks over Knives website. Good luck.


Perhaps have a look at the posts from sos007. He has some very comprehensive advice on what to eat after heart problems. (Eat the rainbow of vegetables, legumes and nuts, etc).

Also have a look at The Mediterranean Diet or The Blue Zone diets.


You need to move away from calorie dense foods like the dairy products you are focused on and move toward a plant-based diet. I lost 40 lbs over 10 months. I had a triple bypass in 2015. I exercise daily by walking 30 minutes per day and going to the gym for a 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training workout, every other day. In between, I do resistance training which can be as simple as doing push-ups or using some free-weights to strengthen my biceps and deltoid muscles around my shoulders.

You should read all of my posts starting with:

Focus on eliminating all sugars in your diet - read my post.


I have yet to see a cow, elk, deer, sheep, et al that eats veggies all day, walk, and lose wt.

Sorry I disagree with you. First, I can no longer pump wt at age of 76 and taking statins for 13 years. I am just learning to walk again, if I tried jumping jacks or high intensity work outs I wouldn't get to far.

What i am trying to say is one diet does not fit all. nor can everybody do your intense training core build up. Too bad though, that would be a great way to go. I have been there earlier in my life, ran 5 miles every day and worked in a heavy lifting job. but I can not do any of that right now, I am just getting over open heart surgery and 2 disabling strokes. so your exercise program is not for me, and I do not believe in the hi carb, low fat, diet. 13 years ago, when i had my first heart attack, I went on a Dr. Atkins diet and lost my body fat about as fast as you did; but I doubt that that would work for everyone.

I am feeling fine now, I was completely sedentary for two years and gained all my wt back. I cannot yet get into a complete exercise program as my brain has forgot how to function that good, but thank God I learned how to walk again.

I have cut back my calories to under 2000 calories a day. but the wt just stays. I am suffering from real low metabolism and my walking don't seem to work, it speeds it up but as soon as I quit walking, I can feel my body slowing down.

My question about losing wt was in hopes that that would reverse my metabolism. I am glad your diet works for you, I tried that before Dr. Atkins, as long as I could do extremely hard exercise I did great. but when I tore my tendons running in a Marathon, and starting to add fat, I knew it wasn't the diet that was keeping trim but the hard core exercise; so now that I have joined the elderly bunch, I need to know what else works to speed up my bod.

I know Carbs are in but I believe fat is where it is at.




I think your doing really well I hope you find something to help you lose weight.


Some questions -

How much CoQ10 do you take?

Do you have recent Vit D3 and Vit B12 blood test results?

Do you have recent FT3, FT4 and TSH blood test results?

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It's very difficult to raise your metabolism if you can't exercise, drinking green tea or coffee can have a slight effect but ultimately you need to control your weight through what or how much you eat.

If what you are eating now is not helping you lose weight, it might be a good idea to try something else. You don't need to go low fat and high carb. Perhaps have a look at the recent research on healthy eating, weight and the importance of gut bacteria, it tends to involve eating a wide variety of high fibre foods.

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I am just getting over explosive bm so reluctant to eat fibbers.

I drink a little coffee and even take water retention pill.

I am taking beta blockers that keeps me low kile. but after my heart problems if I tried to give them up my wife would divorce me. after my introductory letter, I have increased my fat intake (cheese), and decreased my milk intake. and it may be working. my scales said I lost 5 lbs. now for 3 days

I hope that it works. I just got introduced to raw whole milk after being lactose intolerant all my life i do get carried away.


I'm also lactose intolerant. I can tolerate a small amount of Greek yoghurt and aged cheese occasionally, so don't rely on dairy for calcium / protein/ fat. I'm amazed that you have increased your cheese intake. My one experience with raw milk was not pleasant!

Good luck with sorting out your health and weight.

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I am somewhat confused as well, I still have some trouble but after I stopped taking statins and went on q 10 my digestive trACK changed then I started drinking Kifer and about once a week I take a Dairy Digestive tablet and do good. My raw milk is free since my wife and I work at the Organic dairy.

if I get all my eggs, milk product free than it is only natural to try to make it work and after 75 years without any milk product this is great.

but the lactose may be the reason I can't lose wt. I cut down my milk and increased my cheese (reluctantly) and have lost 5 lbs, that is hope.

thank you for your reply.

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