Hello iam New to this Group :)

Iam 26yr old Female and i just found out i have High cholesterol and High Blood Sugar. But iam here for my Cholesterol. Ive been eating healthy and Excersising. But iam concerned that My high cholesterol is causing me to have Chest pains on my Right shoulder and Iam scared i might have a Clogged arterie. I had Blood work done and they found a "bloodClot" but it was a Old Granuloma that They found instead. Iam scared that the blood clot could be from some where else such as in my heart or something. Extreme anxiety is runni bff high and Iam Due for anothe ALC in August to recheck the levels. Any advice or suggestions? :) please and Thank you


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  • Has your GP referred you to a lipid clinic?, if not I suggest you arrange this asap.

  • She hasnt referred me anywhere. Just to see a nutritionist and Wanted to see me again for a blood work follow up... And A while back i had a D Dimer done and it showed possible blood clot but when i got the CTscan done it was a granuloma. I havent had any issues after that but i do suffer from Panic disorder and i take xanax and lexapro for that. But i never had any issues that would send me to the hospital. Can i ask what is a lipid clinic?

  • I 've had many panic attacks and sometimes for over a period of several months. I have also taken medications including xanax and other medications that are and can be very addictive so keep that in mind. What has helped me is controlled deep breathing from the diaphram. And even holding a breath for 5 or more seconds but always from the diaphram to control your breathing. It's helped me a lot. Keep in touch.

  • Anxiety doesn't help you, it's good that you are eating well and exercising, but try and ensure that you are exercising further or doing something, anything to help keep your mind from worrying unessessarry, you can take simple precautions, like always carry 4 asprin, to chew if you are totally convinced that you are having a blood clot trauma, but it is very unlikely. Stay positive keep up the good things and look after yourself, best of health Rob

  • Iam currently on Xanax and lexapro due to my PTSD and PANIC disorder. That is about it. I only take motrin for headaches and Vitamin D but nothing else

  • Can I ask what your doctor thinks of your concerns. It is important that he/she is aware and is also trying to calm your anxiety. Worry and getting worked up is not doing you any good but i am sure you don't wish to be this way but only advise from your doctors can stop this. Go see them as soon as possible and tell them what you have told us.

  • My doctor honestly didnt seem to concerned. She just wanted me to eat More greens and Atleats 30 mins of waliing each day. I see her again in 3 weeks

  • For my anxiety I practice Mindfulness. It really worked fir me and taught me to manage my internal dialog. Doesn't cure your blood clot but takes most if the worry away or keeps it at bay.

  • You wrote ...Atleats 30 mins of waliing each day.... I take it you mean 30 minutes walking...Not enough... try jogging or as I said, cycling for one hour plus swimming as well to relax you and go to yoga classes and don't concern yourself with the problems of others, take care of yourself and your family, the rest of the world can manage without you. And, drink water, lots and lots of it, 3 litres a day at least. Drink it especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

    In which country do you reside; I'm in Gemany.

  • my Doctor told me she wants me to do 30 minutes Walking. Not to push myself because i did just have a baby. And i love Yoga so i try to do walking 30 and then 30 min stress free Yoga. And i also changed my eating habits and threw in some Veggies in my diet which i never really ate.

  • Not sure about jogging. I know several people who have died while jogging ( including a cousin aged 53 who died three days ago cos of Sudden blocked carotid artery whirl jogging) think walking & Yoga bettet.

  • Ive been actually Running Now for a week And i feel great even lost 4lbs so far :) no more children No more chest pains iam just eating healthy and working out. My doctor didnt say my cholesterol was life threatning she justvsaid lose weight add more veggies in my meal. And ive been losing and eating right :)

  • You should not be taking medicines without discussing with your GP.

    As I understand it over 2 years ago NICE (in the UK) withdrew aspirin as an anticoagulant (eg in particular for AF). For that purpose it is as good as a chocolate fire guard. Aspirin does have use as an antiplatlet for certain conditions. It does not dissolve clots.

    If you cannot get an appointment with your GP quickly consider a minor injuries unit or trauma unit or our of hours clinic at a hospital near you (rather than a full blown A&E.

    Let us all know how you get on.

  • Ive been ro so many clinics and they all say its showing "Bloodclot" because its axtually a Granuloma i Got from pneumonia i had back in 2010. I told my GP and she said she i dont have to worry about it. She got all my Hospital Papers and looked through them. So i see her In 3 weeks ill make sure bring that Up again. Thank you

  • That's interesting your comment regarding aspirin. I know warfarin is preferred in cases of Atrial fibrillation to prevent clot formation but thought aspirin given immediately as first aid response if heart attack suspected! Presumably to dissolve offending clot? Will have to google now. To anxious lady think you need to trust your doctor follow good lifestyle yoga very good. Good luck

  • Welcome to the forum. Please try not to get anxious and worried. I know that isn't easy, but Andyman is right when he says that you need to see your GP, she will explain things to you and help you with your worries. The advice the GP gives you should help you to stop feeling so anxious. If you do not get the answers you need perhaps you could see another GP.

  • Call emergency Immediately. Chest pains are a sign of a heart attack. Call emergency Now.

  • Its Not a Long term chest pain. I wpuld know if i was having a heart attack. I always get chest pains due to Sore muscles... Iam seeing my GP in weeks. SHE SAID if continue to have these chest pains and palpitations she will request a Heart monitor for me

  • Please do not worry, relax till your next appointment, write down all the questions you want to ask your doctor and all the answers given. There are blood test for ladies to detect a heart problem, you can ask your doctor for this blood test.

    Are you in the UK? What are your cholesterol and blood glucose numbers?

    Four years ago I started my life style change due to cholesterol and blood glucose numbers, I watch my food intake and also I go to the gym every day for regular exercise.

    Please ask you GP for printed details of your blood work. This for you to keep a record.

    Shoulder pain and chest pain in the left is something to worry about.

    Watch out for free sugar and hidden sugar in your food and drinks.

  • Ive had shoulder and chest pain for a while now. And i mean for almost 2 years... Since i was pregnant with my 3Rd child. I told my doctor but she said I just had high choleterol and High blood sugar. Ive gotten so many CTscans of my heart and lungs and alot of ECGs and All normal. I get them every once in a while its not constant chest pains.

  • Thank you. You can control cholesterol and blood glucose by food and drink intake control and regular exercise. Relax and enjoy life. If you are offered hear monitor please go for it, having it on for 24-hours can be a problem with small children. from the results a graph is produced to analyse the results.

  • Are you taking blood thinners, what about asprin. Have you been to a cardiologist, a heart doctor, have you had your heart checked ... a stent check for your shoulder. Does your exercising meet one hour fast cycling on an ergometer or outsode sprint?

  • Iam doing mild Jogging. I just had a baby so i try not to Push myself but i do atleast 30 mins walking or yoga and 30 mins Jogging. I havent seen a cardiologist yet but i see my Doctor in 3 weeks and if i still have chest pains or palpitations she wants to put me on a heart monitor. For a week. But iam feeling good so far

  • But do remember to carry soluble aspirin at all times in case of heart attack etc & swallow at once even if it bursts your stomach!

    If you do take 75mg daily apparently best to take it at night cos it only works for a few hours.

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