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Does this prove that chocolate is good for you?

My husband is on warfarin for an irregular heart beat and has his blood tested on a regular basis, that is, every six weeks depending on previous results. The therapeutic range is 2.0 - 3.0 with a target of 2.5. For months now, he has been in the 2.2 - 2.5 range but his latest results were 3.1 meaning that his blood was less likely to clot than previously.

He had made no change to his diet except for the addition of chocolate biscuit cake which I had made the week before. My husband of course, likes his food so the chocolate biscuit cake disappeared with alarming speed and all just days before his blood test.

I understand that this cake is the Queen's favourite and that she eats a piece every day which may be one of the reasons that she has lived to the age of 91 in good health.

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Well, I don't know if it's good for you but what a lovely thought! I do hope your hubby continues to do well. I do make a chocolate biscuit cake but would love to have your recipe - what's good enough for the Queen......!


Thank you for your reply. The recipe is as follows -

12ozs butter (I used 8ozs)

8ozs golden syrup

2ozs unsweetened cocoa powder

4ozs dark chocolate

1 tsp vanilla

2ozs pistachios (I used walnuts)

4ozs soft dried figs (I used soft apricots)

1lb digestive biscuits.

I also added some chopped stem ginger. It's very tasty but eat in moderation!!


Thank you, Katy. I look forward to making this - hope we don't like it too much especially with all that butter!


....And then, there's the chocolate itself, Dottie!!! Mind you, a good quality dark chocolate with 70% cocoa solids is considered anti-inflammatory because of the flavonoid content!

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I think that's wishful thinking! Highly unlikely.


It has been said for a while now that dark chocolate,not the normal kind but the ones that contain at least 70% cocoa are good for lowering cholesterol,not a whole bar just a few pieces a day.

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