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Any thoughts about return to work


Hi, not been on here for a while but had so much help in the past here goes again.. My husband has a heart attack 12/12/2012 he is now left with heart failure which is managed by medication, last month his GP said he could go back to work on a phased return but his work insisted he had to have an assessment with occupational health, after an hour long interview they have decided he is not well enough and has been told to go back in a months time, my husband is so upset all he wants is to get back to normal or as near as he can asap, his job is desk based he used to work nights but his employers are happy for him to work days instead and work up to full time 35 hours over a 6 week period.

He is now worried he won`t be able to work again and all the financial problems that will come. I'm stuck how to help him. Any thoughts ??

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I arrested in August, and managed to persuade my GP to let me return to work in January this year, I was becoming depressed, and was just sitting at home with no interest in the world around me, I will be on medication for life, and had to undergo the ATOS grilling to be allowed back to my desk job. It was a little strange at first to be working with the colleagues who had administered CPR and saved my life.

It has helped with my overall recovery, and I hope he can also return to work. the Occupational Health people have advised work that I should be classed as 'a person with a disability' purely because of the meds, but when I had my 'interview/assessment, I was very positive in my attitude, and played down any concerns that I may have had.

I also had a phased return to work doing just 3 hours a day, and building up by an hour a day each week to get me back up to full time working, even that was tiring after 5 months off, but after 3 months of full time, I feel this was the most beneficial part of my recovery process.

hope you get it all sorted!

Tell him not to get too down about it. Occupational Health haven't said he can't return but that they will review him in a month. Surely his GP is the expert and wouldn't advise him to return if they didn't think him able. Occ Health will be being cautious. It's still early days for him after his heart attack. Tell him to enjoy his next month off work and make the most of it. Get out in the fresh air and enjoy the better (hopefully) weather and concentrate on his recuperation and improving health. When he gets back to work there'll be days when he wishes he was out in the sunshine. Good luck to him.

It would probably aid his recovery as long as it is very slow. He will find he is very tired and that must be avoided. The biggest plus would be avoided the terrible depression which my husband still suffers from 20 months later.


Take him out walking everyday. That would build up his strength and combat depression.

A friend of ours was diagnosed with throat cancer 4 years ago and underwent treatment with excellent results. He returned to work which is also desk based and was told he was also "at risk" and has been suspended on full pay! He is furious. He is not on any medication, has fully recovered and is, at the moment, taking his employer to court. His Union is supporting him. Does your husband belong to a Union? If so, perhaps, they can help.

Also could your GP and Consultant write letters supporting him and give him some ammunition with his Managers?

Best wishes to you both and best of luck.

PS Who did the assessment? The Company Drs or the Company Lawyers!!!!!!!!!!


OH assessment. as the assessment is only a month away, time will go quickly. What you need to do is to wite down as much aa you can from the last assessment. OH assessmnet is to protect the employee and the employeer. There are lot of factors, age lenght of service, number of months on full pay and so on. If the employer are offering this ( his job is desk based he used to work nights but his employers are happy for him to work days instead and work up to full time 35 hours over a 6 week period. ) and there is no incom loss the the option is to take it, short time at work and at the same time can relax at home.

Can the work be done as a home worker via the Internet?

All the very best and good luck.

thanks everyone for your comments, bala he has to be at his place of work to be able to do his job and he will have to take a reduction in pay working days, he was only entitled to 5 months sick full sick pay now he has 5 months half pay, the assessment was done bu the nhs patch 14 he is seeing the cardio nurse next Friday so will talk to her about a letter thanks for the idea. Windrider we go out as often as possible luckily I passed my driving test the day he was due out of hospital so I take him out to the country side and coast every week I have suffered depression in the past so am doing my best to keep his spirits up. We have just found out our dog is terminally ill with liver cancer today so he is a bit upset aswell.

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