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I have 43 years old, I did test and the result is:

Triglycerides= 4.47 mmol/L

Cholesterol total=5.85

Cholesterol HDL=0.58

Cholesterol LDL= 4.38

Cholesterol non HLD=5.27


Please, I need your opinion, I am in risk or not.


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LDL should be 2 or below. Look for Dr Esselstyne diet on web

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Concerned in reply to Anne76


What was the reason for the test and did the GP explain to you all about life style change?

Your GP can do risk analysis on the test results and offer you help to control your cholesterol if necessary.

Dear Bala,

The reason for test is some time my heart go fast.


Thank you.


Did you GP explain this to you,"ATHEROGENE INDEX (TOTAL/HDL)=10.09."?

Not many people have seen this ATHEROGENE INDEX (TOTAL/HDL)=10.09, on this site.

Would it be possible to offer more information.

The value for this " atherogenic index " is not a simple ratio I am afraid!

Thank you.

this is the result which I got it from laboratory yesterday.

Thank you. ATHERO... , is new to me and I spent a lot of time reading about this. I am always learning.

Please discuss your test results with your GP or a specialist and ask for a JBS3 risk analysis with full explanation. The specialist can vary the blood test numbers to explain what you need to reduce for better heart's health.

Green leaf veg, olive oil and tomatoes can also help.

Aim for approximately 10% protein, 30% low Gi carbs , 60% natural fat from real food to normalise metabolism ,

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These are high risk numbers. It appears as though you are sedentary and consume a high fat, high carbohydrate diet.

Step 1, get up and move. Begin a daily walking program. Start slowly with two 10 minute sessions each day and gradually build over time until you get to a daily walking time of 60 minutes.

2. Cut back on simple sugars and simple carbohydrates. This means No soft drinks, limit alcohol to one drink per day, limit juices to every other day and drink in small quantities. Eliminate sweets. You can sweeten coffee or tea with one teaspoon of honey, limit coffee or tea to two per day.

No more white flour products like white pasta or white bread. No white rice, limit potatoes to twice per week, baked or boiled or broiled, not fried.

Limit cheese consumption. Goat cheese products like feta are preferred over cow's milk products. Replace butter with olive oil. Eat an arrugula or spinach salad daily using olive oil or balsamic vinaigrette dressing. No cream based dressings.

Consume only lean cuts of meat like chicken or turkey breast. Reduce meat consumption to twice per week. Add 3 days of fish, salmon, trout or Arctic char. Have two meatless days. Egg whites are hgih in protein and have no cholesterol. Make an egg white omelette with a little onion, green pepper, kalamata olives and feta, salt and pepper. Learn to eat beans, chick peas, and lentils. Eat Couscous and quinoa.

Read my post - 'Coming Off Statins'.

Good luck and see a doctor and nutritionist for more guidance.

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