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Anyone wanna start a class action suit against Statins in US?

after discovering all these forums about statins, I am enraged and driven to stop big pharma from causing more harm. I spoke to my attorney general and they said they have heard alot about this. Anyone else enraged and wants to do something about it? Needs documented proof of digression from doctors and meticulous notes of symptoms and prescription strength.

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It's already in process. Post on the two major anti statins Facebook pages


I am not a fan of statins or taking any unnecessary prescription medications. However, it is the responsibility of individuals to manage their health wisely, pharmaceutical companies create a product because there is a need. If you think their products are unhealthy you are not obligated to consume them. If any organization needs to be legally challenged, it is the medical community that pushes statins like they are a miracle drug.

Bottom line - take care of your own business first by maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle with daily exercise - don't blame others for a problem you have created on your own.



Don't you know that Big Pharma is very much tied in to the medical training that doctors receive? Doctors also receive bonuses for each patient they put on statins, antidepressants, etc.


That may very well be true, but unless you are wealthy you won't be able to outspend big pharma in a lawsuit.

That said, nobody forces you to take any medication. Your doctors can make suggestions but you have the final say.

I got off statins - read my post - spite of my doctors' encouragement to remain on them.

You need to take responsibility for your own decisions as well as your health. Blaming others will not solve your medical problems.


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