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My cholesterol is 8.2


Hello everyone, this is my first post here. After getting an urgent letter to go to my docotor as soon as possible, I was told that my cholesterol level is at 8.2 and was prescribed some pills (didn't pick them up yet).

I am 28 years old 174cm tall and I weigh aroun 77kgs - so yes, I am overweight.

Unfortunatley I do not have other numbers (good cholesterol/bad cholesterol), but since doctor didn't look too pleased with my blood test results, I assume it's not that good.

I know about diets, but since people here have experience with a lifestyle that high cholesterol brings, I would appreciate if someone could give me some info on:

Does HC (high cholesterol) cause dizziness?

Could HC be a cause of any pain on the right side of my chest - often in mix with a dull pain in upper jaw (right side)? - I get that sometimes..

How did HC change your life?

I've heard HC pills have horrible side effects - any comment?

I hope the questions are not too detailed ?

Are there bad HC days? Where you actually feel bad? How is that?

Thank you all in advance and I'm very happy that this support group exists.

Also please note, that my English is not my first language.

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Hi Houston (I think you might be missing the "o"?),

Welcome to the forum. Generally, it's good to significantly reduce consumption of grains e.g. wheat, rice, gluten. Some quinoa might be ok. But, generally, cut out or cut down on ALL types of grain. And cut out or cut down on ALL added sugars e.g. sugars that are added to many foods, snacks and drinks. And don't drink fruit juices.

If you can do the above, you should be able to reduce your blood sugar levels, reduce your Triglycerides, reduce your HbA1C ...and increase your HDL.

Also, cut out or cut down on sunflower oil and rapeseed oil and margarine. If you're going to consume fat/oil, try to make sure it's a good fat/oil e.g. avocado, coconuts, nuts, good quality olive oils, coconut oil, good quality grassfed butter, etc.

My situation was/is comparable to yours: my cholesterol was also 8.2, and I was/am also overweight: 82 kilos at a height of 1.69! The only difference is that I am quite bit older than you: I will be 66 in a few months.

The best advice I can give you is not to worry too much about your cholesterol. The role of cholesterol in heart disease is far from clear, no matter what most doctors say. I’m not saying cholesterol is never an issue: statistics seem to show that men in their fifties and sixties who have high cholesterol have a somewhat increased chance of a heart attack. This applies only to this particular group, however. There is also a condition called familial hypercholesteraemia. It is quite rare, however, affecting 1 in every 200 people or so. You can safely assume that you fall into neither of these categories.

What you shouldn’t do is take pills (statins) to reduce your cholesterol. This is something else that most doctors don’t tell you, but these pills can be quite dangerous, with horrific side effects. Most of all muscle issues, which may be permanent - I am a member of a Facebook group about statin side effects, and many of the members there have a condition called necrotising myopathy, which means that the muscles destroy themselves, or peripheral neuropathy: nerve issues in their hands and feet. Other conditions associated with long-term use of these pills are breast cancer in women as well as other types of cancer, liver and kidney problems, dementia, etc. etc.

I am not a doctor, but some doctors who have written about all this on the internet are Zoe Harcombe, Malcolm Kendrick and Peter Langsjoen - I advise you to look them up. Good luck!

Londinium in reply to Mascha1900

Zoe Harcome is a PhD Dr, not a medical doctor. In addition to the Cardiologist Dr Peter Langsjoen (who I've mentioned a number of times on this forum), I also recommend Cardiologist Dr William Davis and Cardiologist Dr Thomas Levy and Dr Duane Graveline, who has now passed away, but his website SpaceDoc continues.

Mascha1900 in reply to Londinium

Thanks for the correction Londinium! I knew she was a nutritionist, and I thought she was a doctor as well. Anyway, she is very upbeat and also down-to-earth about the whole cholesterol thing, that’s why I mentioned her.

Researchers with PhD are very well informed compared to GP!!!

Look at TV programmes, most of our problems can be controlled by food and drinks intake.

There are few cardiologists do give good advice. GP's are controlled by NHS guide lines.

I have been following Zoe Harcombe for few years.

Thanks both of you!

Londinium: Yes I'm missing an 'o' :(

You can change it... if you want? 🤔

I can? I'm looking at settings and profile.. but can't find any option

Sorry, I found it. Can't change though - 1 character too many

I have a level of 9:5 and don’t take statins. Been on fenofibrate as i have FH. I’m the one in 300. Unique!

My family line has and had problems with cholesterol, but I'm do not know if it's FH.

Londinium in reply to sjandre75

How were you determined to have FH?


High cholesterol does not induce any symptoms.

The diet and lifestyle that generate high cholesterol though can cause fatigue and a roller coaster effect with your energy level.

Chest and jaw pain could be a sign of angina (narrowing of arteries that triggers pain) however it could also simply be a muscular issue and nothing serious.

Dizziness could be low blood pressure, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar following a high carb meal), or it could be a pinched nerve near your upper back. There are so many possibilities - it may or may not be something sinister.

At your age, you should focus on getting your diet in order and making sure you exercise daily. Stop eating packaged foods and fast foods. The whole-foods, plant-based diet which is essentially the Mediterranean Diet, is a permanent lifestyle diet, not a designated 'weight-loss' diet (although you'll probably lose weight for a while if you follow it).

Avoid sugar, soft drinks (including the 'diet' variety) simple carbohydrates, and fried foods. Limit red meat consumption to once every other week, and base your diet primarily on legumes, vegetables, nuts (in moderation) and whole fruits (not fruit juices) for most days. Try and eat some grilled or baked fish twice per week. Limit alcohol to no more than one drink per day, preferably red wine.

Good luck.

P.S. If you want to see how I did it you can check out my posts here:

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