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Should YOU be worried about your cholesterol? Please read! Inserting answers!

Should YOU be worried about your cholesterol?

In the health section, copy of the mail.

From sleeping more to eating eggs: 10 things you should know to keep your heart in check

In small quantities, cholesterol is essential for keeping your body healthy

The fatty substance is made by the liver and forms the structure of cells

Still, you might inadvertently be making your levels rise or fall too much...

Older people (those over 60) with raised cholesterol live longer than those with low levels, according to an analysis of studies published in the BMJ in June.

One possible reason is that cholesterol plays a role in fighting infection, and higher levels may therefore increase immune defences.

Another school of thought is that we’ve got everything about cholesterol wrong and, in fact, it doesn’t cause heart disease at all.

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3 Replies

If it's in the DM, it must be true!!


Very interesting article wasn't aware of two types of LDL ! I like that people question and discuss issues. thanks for sharing.


This information has been in many papers and also in BMJ. I did Google for more information, learned a lot. My GP wants me to go on statin, now I can show my GP a copy of BMJ information!!!


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