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Autumn 2011 Cholesterol News

I have just received my copy of Cholesterol News from HEART UK which I have enjoyed reading and has a nice write up about Health Unlocked.

I would take issue with the first sentence though "Need answers to questions you think are too small to bother the doctor with?"

Personally, I think most of our issues are too big to "bother the doctor with" and perhaps they should all be "bothered" a bit more about them!

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I used to get Heart Digest but I'm not sure I've seen one since spring. What's Cholesterol News?

Agree on that "too small to bother the doctor with"! I have trouble getting the doc to take FH and statin problems seriously!


Hi DakCB-UK,

Yes, I think Cholesterol News is the new version of The Digest and it's a good read. Aren't doctors there to be bothered???

Sorry that was a bit cheeky.


Question like why we pay for meds if it's a chronic desease? Or maybe why benocol is not recognised as helping (if not on ezetimibe)? Why exercise classes they offer for cardio rehab is only in the day when some of us work (because we want as normal a life as possible) or why my doctor still only prescribes 1 tube of Emla cream when I have 4 treatments of Apheresis a week? Sorry but think it's interesting that people assume we sit around waiting for them to take tests or setup plans? This is my view on things and am sure it's not the general rule!


Hello Cindy-Evans,

I think I'm right in saying that people with epilepsy get their prescriptions for anti-convulsants free. It would be interesting to hear about your apheresis. Is that the new treatment where they flush out the LDL and it's only available in specialist centres?

Reply seems to be the current state of the prescription charge exemption. Summary: it was frozen by the new coalition as soon as they took office and shows no sign of progress since. HEART UK does not seem to be a member of the Prescriptions Charges Coalition - anyone know why not?


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