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High Triglycerides

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I have just had my blood test result back and I have high triglycerides, 335 the safe level being 200. Can anyone tell me if I should avoid certain foods (rice, pasta, bread) as im getting conflicting advice. My cholesterol is slightly high and everything else seems normal. I eat reasonably well, not much fast food, normally drink less than 28 units per week, im not overweight and I exercise for half an hour a day but sometimes I feel lazy. Any diet tips would be greatly appreciated.

11 Replies
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Would it be possible to offer full blood test results. Some LIPID blood numbers are calculated.

LCHF food intake, avoiding hidden and free sugar and regular exercise can help with healthy life.

Drinks, (28 units), what are these? hidden sugar?

Drinks increase triglyceride, give it a try by avoiding drinks for three months and go for blood tests.

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Andyman in reply to sandybrown

Bala is right about the drink. 28 units is what 14 pints. Cut it back and check the result.

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Hi Bala,

Thanks for your advice, the levels have been stable (hovering at 200-205) for the last two years so I was a bit surprised at the last figures. To be honest I have slipped up a little with the exercise and the drinks have increased slightly, I only drink beer and then its one or two small cans two or three times a week with an occasional cognac in between, this is what I drink now as opposed to three or four, four to five times a week in the past. My Doctor told me to reduce this as I had suspected steatosis, this however was a false alarm but it was the kick up the a*se I needed. I was looking on here to see if anyone can advise me on what foods to eat and what to avoid as I have been getting contradicting advice, some say avoid starch and carbs while others say to bulk up meals with rice pasta and potatoes, and also to increase bread intake. My Doctor said to  eat more fruit, but im a bit dubious as it has lots of fructose, he also said to use more olive oil, which isnt a problem as I use it anyway. I am also taking steps to cut out as much sugar as possible but any advice on the best foods would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.

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sandybrown in reply to ashleyout

Please read the other post  2 days ago, on cholesterol, LDL..., valuable information in this post.

normally drink less than 28 units per week"

Give up drinking. 28 units a week is way over the safe level.

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Thanks for taking the time to post your advice, I have reduced the alcohol to about five or six units per week now, but youre right twenty eight per week was far too much. My doctor odered me to cut it down and exercise more and I did for two years but for some reason I let it slip and this is the result, back to the treadmill for me.

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The best advice is probably to eat minimally processed foods, lots of different vegetables, and make your carbs high fibre ones like oats. If you need to 'bulk up' your meals, do it with vegetables. 

Perhaps have a look at something like the Meditteranean diet? 

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ashleyout in reply to Penel

Thanks for the advice, I have reduced the alcohol considerably and I am trying to adhere to something like the mediterranean diet but unfortunately I hate fish and seafood but the rest isnt a problem. My triglycerides have been at normal levels for the last two years but I guess I have let things slip, back to the treadmill I suppose.

Thanks again for taking the time.

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was that a fasting blood test?  Triglyceride levels are raised after eating and can shoot off the scale after any high in carbohydrates or after drinking alcohol.

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Thanks for taking the time ot reply.

I had nothing except water for twelve hours before the test as directed. The level in the test was a bit of a shock as they have been stable at arund 200-205 for the last two years, I think I havent been exercising enough and have been drinking slightly more than I should, so its back to the treadmill and the pool.

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High cholesterol is not caused by any one factor but is actually caused by many different contributing factors. These could be smoking, eating a diet which is high in saturated fat, kidney and liver diseases and a sedentary lifestyle.

However, the cholesterol levels can be reduced by following the following:

a)A balanced and healthy diet enriched with fresh vegetables and fruit, along with whole grains is very important and better than eating a diet high in saturated or trans fats. Food with high soluble fibre such as oats, beans, pulses, lentils, nuts, fruits should be included in the diet.

b)Exercising regularly helps to increase the HDL or the good cholesterol

c)Abstinence from smoking helps to improve heart health. This is because when a person smokes the chemical acrolein present in cigarettes stops the HDL transporting cholesterol from the fatty acids to the liver, thus leading to thinning of arteries.

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