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Nutritional yeast


Hi all

Just sharing info about this product which I've just come across as a non dairy alternative to use to flavour food - it's basically what it says on the tin, yeast flakes, and has a cheesy/nutty savoury flavour. Also high in B vitamins, which are good for your overall cardiovascular health, particularly niacin which is supposed to have a beneficial effect on cholesterol levels, and it's low in sodium if you're watching your blood pressure.

There are various brands which you can get from health food shops and some supermarkets (Asda sells it online). Worth taking a look at it if you're looking for a healthy food flavouring ingredient.

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That sounds interesting ! Thank you

What is it actually called please and is it gluten free ?

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Hi, the brand I got is called Engevita yeast flakes, made by Marigold. The pack says it's gluten free. But I think there are various types of nutritional yeast around.

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