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oh deary me!

Well it has been one week since I decided to pledge to checking in once a week. I have not counted cals but cut back and cut out any picking or snacking and I have put on a 1lb. However I will not let this put me off and hope next week I will see a change.

On another note I would like to share this funny incident that happened to me with you. Last week I had a MRI scan on my neck and shoulder. I have never had one before. I had a lovely young male nurse looking after me. He left the room so I could take off my bra (because of the metal clips) as I put the bra down so I could put on a gown I heard a whooosh and when I looked for my bra it was gone!!!!. Up the other end of the scanner!!!!!!!! when the nurse came in and I embarrassedly told him what happened he said I will get a stick!!!! imagine my horror. However a female nurse came in and crawled into the scanner to retrieve my bra.

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Great read, nice story.

For weight lose you should consider quantity.

Make a big difference also.


Hi jackiemac, your story made me giggle but how embarrassing for you. Ive started the nhs 12 week diet, its calorie counting so you can use the stuff you already know for your cholesterol. I also have joined the nhs weight loss forum, they have a weekly check in on there ☺ and loads of support.


thanks i will have a look


tee hee...I bet it happens all the time...Portion control is important I think for weight loss.....


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