I have been taking atorvastatin for nearly 6 yrs after it was found my cholesterol was 9.5 . family history of heart disease etc

I moved and my new doct decided atorvastatin was to expensive and put me on simvastatin ,all the usual side effects etc ,then a new doct came into the practice and I opted to join him ,he put me back on atorvastatin but at a higher dose 40 mg as the simvastatin hadn't worked and raised my cholesterol again . but this was a year ago and I have had incidents of vertigo and I had stroke like symptoms for which I was hospitalised ,this was about 5 months ago ,it was found I had high BP but nothing came of the tests ,I have now been off work for 3 weeks another vertigo incident . have seen doct every 2 weeks and BP getting higher ,but no reason and doct says he is waiting to see ,IF IT LEVELS OUT ,BIZARRE . I was sat thinking about all this the other day ,trying to reason why and how this BP came about as I have never had high BP. The only thing that changed 10 mths ago I had a coil fitted after having endemitriosis for 6 plus years . my question is could this of been the trigger object and should I have it removed

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  • I'd suggest not.

    You may care to research a dietary solution rather than rely on medication alone.


  • Haven't salt in yrs or butter and dairy .in November I weighed 14.5 stone and slowly falling ,I have dogs so walk 3 times a day swim etc .so I am being and always will be proactive re my health .

  • Have you ever been referred to a lipid clinic?

  • I did when I was at my old address but diff county so was told didnt need it now ?

  • I think you need to ask your doctor about the coil, sorry, I can't give an answer to that.

    However regarding your blood pressure, I was found to have high BP in 2000. My GP decided to wait and see rather than put me on medication right away. Within two months, I had had a heart attack. I was not given the facts about high blood pressure, and had no idea it was quite serious. If I'd known, I would have opted to go on medication straight away. I would get a second opinion if I were you!

  • Thanks bonnie I will .i was surprised as my family gas such horrendous heart issues .im 47 and dad side all passed at late 50, brother had stroke at 49 five years ago at 48 but Doct knows all this .i don't drink or smoke .i alwAys leave Doct slightly worried

  • You don't drink or smoke- that is a plus. Taking some exercise is a good idea- I have now been on two cardiac rehab courses (post heart attacks)- but don't wait until then. I wish you good luck with a second opinion. I was told that my condition has some family links as my dad died of a heart attack at 48, my uncle at about 66, and my grandfather, later, in his 70's. I gave up smoking aged 48 but was clearly told in my 20's to give up. Changing one's lifestyle is not easy but I do try to stick to a low fat diet. Since I'm heart meds I don't drink very often any more- (did once used to have a few down the pub), but when I do now, leave out the beta blocker for the day, and go onto soft drinks later.

  • I am trying to collect data that there may be a correlation between raised BP and statins.

    MY BP seemed to hit the roof after I was taking atorvastatin for a while. Coincidence?

  • Interesting thought- I am going to get my BP tested soon too! I am on atorvastatin too.

  • Centrpoint. As i said previously, i was prescribed simvastatin for cholesterol - which was 6.0. I too had cramp every day. Thought nothing of it until the Pharmacist pointed out side effects. My GP changed it to Atorvastatin but again i suffer with cramp and my cholesterol is 5.5. It is extremely difficult to know what to do when doctors opinions differ greatly. It's as if even they haven't a clue what to do about statins

  • Well it's somewhat worrying to know that a large number of GP's would not take them themselves or recommend them to a family member.Would rather use natural healing products with evidence based scientific research to back them up.

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