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What REALLY happens to your body when you eat different types of sugar? Expert reveals how fructose from fizzy drinks is stored as FAT

Please read this article in the copy of mail on Sunday, an excellent explanation!

When the fructose reaches the liver there is an enzyme there which is constantly 'turned on' meaning the liver will absorb any fructose there is, regardless of whether it needs the energy or not. As a result the liver stores the excess fructose as fat, which is then transported through the blood as cholesterol and triglycerides

High levels of cholesterol and triglycerides - another type of fat - can trigger metabolic syndrome, an umbrella term for increased blood pressure, high blood sugar level and excess fat around the waist (visceral fat) and abnormal cholesterol, which increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke

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Happy to see that this is becoming more public now. It will take decades to undo the advice we have been given on saturated fat and sugar but it's a start :)


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