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getting a straight answer - is it possible

This week I have e-mailed the PALS at my latest hospital asking them to give me a 'yes' or 'no' answer to whether or not they will provide a genetic test, since the latest lipid consultant I saw refused to tell me.

I got the feeling he was just trying to force me to go back so he could have another go at trying to make me take statins.

It's immensely frustrating not being able to get a straight answer out of them. I don't see what their problem is. I have asked and my GP has asked and they refuse to answer. I have made clear the CCG has agreed to fund the test (he didn't seem to even believe this). I don't understand why they make everything so difficult.

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Hi Traci, I'm in the North of england, won't say where exactly so as to avoid identifying the hospital.

I don't see why they can't just give a bit of simple information.


Ultimately the choice is yours. Stand tall. Tell your Dr you will not take statins without him/her proving it is because of a genetic risk. It is then up to the Doctor to decide if you need it by getting the genetic test done or not. If its refused, then refuse the statins. No one can force anyone to take medicines. It is obviously you do not want to take them so dont. No Doctor has the right to demand you do anything. They might remove you from the practice but to be honest, they are not working with you for your health, then they probably need to go any way.

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Thanks kate, I'm not bothered about them removing me from the hospital list, since I don't want to be on it in the first place, but I think that having raised the issue they have a moral responsbility to provide a genetic test.

They just won't give a straight answer. I will chase them this week and remind them I'm still waiting. I usually find you have to threaten them with the parliamentary ombudsman for health to get anywhere.


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