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Beware those 'organic, vegan, raw, healthy' snacks - they can contain as much sugar

Nutritionist Zoe Harcombe gives her verdict on ten popular snack bars, very interesting reading.

News papers do offer good information! hidden sugar = unhealthy life style.

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It's true that some of these are high in sugar, but you also have to look at what they contain - if the sugar comes from fruit then they should also have a good dose of fibre, so are better for you overall than sweets or biscuits.

I know Zoe Harcombe is very anti sugar, but if you have a sweet tooth, you're better off satisfying it with a banana or some grapes than a cake.


If you Google "Zoe Harcombe" you may find a lot of information including cholesterol!


Thanks for that tip Bala, plenty of interesting reading.


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