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Sugar reduction, reduce by 30% to halt a wave of heart disease and death! and DODO food plan?

There were many comments on this site on sugar and food intake control!

Do we take a note of what the paper says? please take a look at the copy of today's Daily Mail front page and inside pages. There is a lost giving tablespoon of sugar in some food, low 0.4 and high 11.

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Hi Bala

The Daily Mail article is an interesting one, but I am always wary of anything that paper says until I have checked the original scientific evidence, but I agree with the need to cut down on sugar.


I heard the professor talking on the radio this morning. I suppose we all know about the sugar in Mars bars but I didn't realise how much there was in products like pasta sauces and tomato ketchup.


For anyone interested this is the original article written by the cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra and published in The BMJ.

Interestingly, he is also the cardiologist who wrote about the benefits of eating real fat.


From what he said in on the radio yesterday i gathered this. We need some fat to survive but what had happened over the years in our drive to rid ourselves of fat in our diets the manufacturers of processed meals and sauces had replaced the fat in their products with large amounbts of sugar and now sugar is the problem. Easy cure is dont buy processed food and eat a balanced diet. Lots of fibre and veg, some protein and go easy on the rest. Not too much fat and not too much sugar. and Exercise.


It is as I have always said on this forum, we are what we eat! We must get back to home cooked food where we can make sure that the ingredients are fresh, healthy, and lower on salt and sugar. The amount of sugar in a home baked cake is nearly 20 percent lower than a cake in a supermarket packet!! Sugar has replaced salt as the main food preserver due to pressure from the government to reduce salt levels and now they are being told to reduce that too! What concerns me is what the food companies are going to replace sugar with! The chemical sugars that are already in "diet" drinks and foods are already showing health issues so it is up to us to get our own houses in order and start to eat those foods that are natural, without chemicals and good for us. Enjoy your food, the smell of home made bread, the pride in serving a meal cooked from "scratch" and a home baked cake served with freshly brewed tea in a teapot (remember those) and a slice of home baked cake eaten with friends! What is more wonderful! Enjoy and get those recipe books down from the shelf, blow off the dust, and get cooking!


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