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Why can`t I find sugar free chocolate?


Iv`e read articles from experts saying that sugar plays a big part in causing heart disease, which I suppose is why diabetics are so prone to heart attacks. I`m keen to avoid sugar not just because of this, but I don`t want cavities either. I like chocolate because I have a sweet tooth, & I used to be able to buy sugar free chocolate in tesco, & some chemists. They seem to have stopped selling it because I can`t find it anywhere. Iv`e tried the internet, but they only sell in bulk, which I don`t want. Why don`t sweet manufactures offer sugar free alternatives to their regular sweets, I`m sure that diabetics would welcome it, as well as those wanting to cut their sugar consumption.

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Look for dark chocolate. Anything above 70% is fine. Aldi and Lidl do one that is 85%!

Iv`e read the health warning about artificial sweeteners & I`m suspicious of them because Iv`e been taking them in drinks for decades, & have yet to come to harm, besides, I think a lot of these scare stories are put out by the sugar manufacturers. As for dark chocolate, I`m not keen on that, I much prefer milk chocolate.

All carbohydrate is turned to glucose in the body. This contributes to hyperinsulinaemia that starts the slippery slope to insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and type-2 diabetes.

Does anyone know of a low sugar chocolate with higher butter and/or cream content?


This web site is a wealth of information and you may find some help here , maybe you need to create your own chocolate delight.

The fact that sugar or sugar substitute has to be added to cocoa to become chocolate is because the cocoa bean is so bitter!!! In Africa, where it is grown as a native plant as in South America where it originated both Continents use it as a savoury!! Try some very dark, at least 85% cocoa butter, in a chilli con carne, just a couple of pieces, and it makes a huge difference to the sauce! If you do want a very sweet chocolate that has no sugar in I am afraid that it will be only a dream. I can only suggest that you buy a small bar of your absolute favourite chocolate and use it as a treat with one square a day when you have time to yourself and enjoy the moment!!

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