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Heart Murmur

Hi. I have recently had a kidney removed and a bowel resection and since these ops I have been feeling tired, cold and have headaches most of the time. I have stage 3b chronic kidney disease. I went to my GP who is a good bloke and checked me over and said I have a heart murmur. I was a bit frightened. He sent me for an ECG the next day which was normal (according to the nurse). Does this mean I haven't a heart murmur or what. I am having a chest X-rayed tomorrow. Got to see the GP in about two weeks. Can anyone help me with what's going on. Thanks x

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A heart murmur is nothing to worry about I believe mine has been there all my life. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 CKD in 2006 I am 65 now and the blood test results since 2006 have stayed pretty stable. You will take a long time to get over the operation,look after yourself and eat well,drink plenty of water.Be careful with painkillers( no Nurofen or similar or red meat)

Take care x


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