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can anxiety ,stress cause irregular heart beat ?

I was talking with my docter when I took my bp readings in and I told him about my moniter picking up irregular heart beats and he said stress and anxiety can cause this . I could not believe that he did not seem to concerned but I am considering the machine is picking them up every day. I recently threw the machine in my bed room and am not going to use it only once a week cause I think u guys are right about me worring myself . I was perfectly fine for a week and a half now my anxiety is back going on the 4th day ,short of breath,heart pounding ,dizzy,sore back,nose pluged off,lump in throught feeling ,shakey,like today me and my wife went to walmart to get some stuff for my daughters birthday and I was walking through wallmart and felt one coming on and the more I walked the worse it got I walked out to the car and had a full blown anxiety attack I had to take an Ativan and that diden,t kick in till like a half an hour later its getting pretty bad when I cant even walk anywhere with out having a panic attack,I was driving home on my back road in my car and I out passed a car in front of me and I had to pull over down the road my heart was racing,i got dizzy and shakey ,I don't no if it was the adrinalin or what and when im sleeping my mouth is so dry.well im sorry to pour my heart out but plz let me no wat u guys think

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You need to go back to your doctor and ask to be referred for cbp training sessions, if they are available near you. They do work, I have been in a similar place to where you are now, it is to retrain your thought processes and if you follow the course it will help. If you don't look for help now you will end up not leaving your home in case something happens. Tablets work up to a point, but counselling will help you get the quality back in your life. You owe it to yourself and family. Do it today without thinking first. It will take time but you can only live one minute at a time anyway, the next minute is the future, the last minute is the past. Wishing you well, go for it !!!

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what is cbp training?


It's like counselling but different in that they give you time to think about what is worrying instead of distracting your thoughts, teaches you to this k of the worst and best scenarios and how you will deal with them. It effectively gives you your confidence back, it's not easy, you will cry a lot and feel silly but over time you will get your life back, considering you only get one, go for anything that may help. Small steps will still get you there. Your mind is a complicated thing, takes years of stress to get where you are now, so start getting back. You CAN do it.



I am sorry to hear about your health problems. It appears you need a full medical check.

Are you in USA?

Googling "anxiety ,stress cause irregular heartbeat " gave me a lot of information. Too much to copy and paste!

Make an appointment to see a medical doctor without delay, may be life style change is necessary.

Good luck.


It's CBT - cognitive behavioural therapy and it's very useful for helping anxiety. Best of luck. Mindfulness training is also really helpful. Please let us know how you get on.


Hello, you are suffering from the classic symptoms of stress and anxiety - and the above are absolutely right. Medication can do so much but sometimes self help is the only way. Therapy is a good way to start to help yourself by getting given the tools to take each day at a time and learning ways to cope when the warning signs are approaching and how to pass them. I wish you well and take their advice - get some counselling - you owe it to your family and most of all to yourself.


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