Triglycerides: I'm puzzled. When I had the health check I was given a breakdown of the cholesterol test,

triglycerides being listed along with HDL, LDL, total and ratio. They seem to be the 'bad guys'.Then I was given a patronising lecture on healthy eating and various other issues, including not eating saturated fats but rather using polyunsaturated margarine instead. Then I see that actually margarine of any sort is a triglyceride or hydrogenated fat [or both?]. So isn't it a case of the NHS is contradicting itself in the same breath?


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  • Triglycerides are the bad guys....a more important level to keep a check on than cholesterol. Perhaps not the NHS persee but the patronising person lecturing to you not having understood their subject....:(

  • My feeling was that the health care assistant was simply spouting NHS dogma, for indeed I feel it is dogma. Quite apart from contradictory advice on saturated/polyunsaturated fats there is the huge amount of carbohydrate that they recommend on their 'Eatwell Plate'. If the NHS says so then it must be right. Hmmn...NO.

  • Odd isn't it?

    All the fat stored in the body (from whatever source) is saturated!

    Wonder why that would be?

  • The NHS does the most wonderful things, but unfortunately the advice on eating seems to be many years out of date. The advice should be to avoid trans fats, the kind of stuff you find in margarines, so you are right Gardengnome2.

    Looking up triglycerides, high levels can be caused by diets that are too low in protein and high in carbohydrates, low levels can be caused by not having enough fat in your diet!

    This information is on main stream medical advice sites. Why it has not made it to the NHS I do not know.

  • I take opti omega 3 for my triglyceride they seem to help keep them down as well as eating between 7-8 hours a day

  • All,

    Very interesting discussion. Only this year the GP surgery is talking about triglyceride. Before that it was all to do with total cholesterol and cholesterol ration. I went last year to develop a web site to London university hospital to check and give input. Triglyceride was not in the discussion, they were planning to implement it. The site should be available to the public next year!!

    We all need more education, I am afraid.

  • Not sure I understand you Bala ?

  • Triglycerides, trans fats, hydrogenated fats, poly and mono unsaturated fats, saturated fats - what a minefield! Personally I like a bit of butter on my toast, and no amount of patronising health service workers will prevent me ! An interesting link Penel. As for the NHS eatwell plate, it's a scandal what they are telling everyone.

  • You're so right, gardengnome.....we should all go back to what we ate 40-50 years's all the overprocessed false food we eat now that is the problem!! What a shame progress has scuppered us all.

  • I'd never heard of this before but have googled it: sounds nasty.

  • All,

    Please read this article, very interesting!

    Will NHS be considering to change the food plan?

    Could that low-fat diet make you EVEN FATTER? As experts question conventional wisdom on diets, the extraordinary results of one man's experiment

    When most attempt to lose weight, they try the low-fat, high-carb diet

    But this formula is increasingly under attack

    Sceptics now believe you should cut down on carbs and eat more fat

    Personal trainer Sam put this theory to the test in a unique experiment

    On the high-fat diet, he lost one inch off of his middle!

    But he put on 16lb and gained 4lb in around his waist on the low-fat plan

    Went for a check up at my GP, HCA did the check, my BP is 120/70, how accurate, GP manual device? Home test last week showed 127/84? in 2009 it was 131/86, electronic device. Calibration, eye site pinch point at GP clinic

    Read more:

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  • Bala, despite the evidence that showed that Sam had effectively been given metabolic syndrome by the high carb diet the spokesperson for the British Dietetic assn. says they will not be changing their recommended eating advice any time soon. How typical.

  • I have had just about enough of the advice that is shovelled at us in wagonloads on TV, in magazines and in the Drs Surgeries about the pros and cons of what we eat. I know there are those of you out there who had life changing issues and are living with chronic health problems that need the support of the NHS or other health agencies. For myself I eat what I consider a healthy diet, unfortunately dairy free because of problems with IBS (which I believe is caused by the chemicals in modern dairy produce) with lots of fruit and veg (little fruit juice as it is NOT healthy) - I have a mixture of vitamin and mineral supplements because of arthritis (I don' take any medication as such unless a couple of paracetamol every now and again if the pain gets a bit much in my feet counts as medication) I eat meat and fish and enjoy home made desserts and cakes made dairy free and I have never felt better. I had my Cholesterol checked three years ago and it was 6.8 - LDL 3.8, HDL 2.3 Triglicirides 0.7 and have no wish to go back and have them done again as I was told to become vegetarian and lose a stone (my BMI is 24) my waist/height ratio is good.

    Those of you who have trouble understanding what in the world is going on re diet and exercise - trust in your good sense - and do what you feel is right for you. We are intelligent people otherwise we wouldn't be on this forum! All the best to you all out there and good health!

  • What is a healthy triglycerides level considered to be.

  • I think below 1.0.

  • My last blood test for choletterol surgery rang me back for another blood test as high fats in blood Triglycerides yet my cholesterol level had dropped to 6.9. They have not wanted me back since so assume sorted something out. Nurse asked how much was drinking, I hardly drink alcohol, meat is none as vegetarian. Have now reduced diary progucts and walk 20 mins when I can all I can do. I do not want meds as already have some for TBI. Following link might be useful;

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