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Do not understand

I have just come out of hospital after chest pain and shortness of breath. I am told by the heart team that I didn't have a heart attack, however they found a small level of troponin (24) in my bloods and I was told that it raised between the 2nd and 3rd blood test. I thought that unless there was something wrong with your heart troponin was not present. Everything else came back normal. Can anyone clarify what it could be as everyone thinks I had a panic attack. I am awaiting an echo test.

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It is good you had troponin blood test done. As you say there are unanswered questions! I am afraid only a cardiologist can give you answers.

Please do list all the questions you want to ask your cardiologist, your GP may not have the answers.

You need to get understanding on the units of measurements and also levels upper limit and lower limit.

As you had three blood tests may at time intervals, please ask for all the test results as you need to understand this.

Echo test, again you wan to find out more on this test. This may be echo cardiogram and there is electro cardio gram as well. Google may confuse therefore please wait to ask the specialist your questions.

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This explains how a heart attack is diagnosed.

Troponin is in everyone's blood, it raises when the heart muscle is damaged.

They put all the tests together to decide if you've had a heart attack, it sounds like you might have had an angina attack. A raised level of troponin can also indicate this.


Unless you went to a really duff hospital, I assume that you also had and ECG and blood pressure and so on done.


Please read this:

There were many article on this blood test to identify heart problems.


Hello, Thus site provides good info on Troponin and was updated 11/2014

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