New to stenting

I am 42 today and had a stent put in Thursday, the procedure went luke a dream and I felt straight after like the old me.

I have given up my recreational smoking habit and started on a healthier diet which includes oily fish (not a fan) .

Just wondering if people think it's too early to go back to work on mon/tue as get very bored when not at work..

Nice to read some stories and advice on this site from people who have had a similar thing and yes I did get a bit morbid and down before the op but feel relatively positive after.

I also found tiredness a problem but changed the time of day I take the mess and seems to work a bit better for me


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14 Replies

  • Medical matters should be discussed with health professionals alrebcon.

    You've done the best thing that you can by stopping smoking. I would look at ways of making the oily fish more enticing, otherwise the likelihood is that you won't keep it up.

    My opinion is that to reduce the risk of further calcification we need to focus on lowering insulin/IGF-1 levels since an excess of these hormones disrupts bone formation and promotes growth of arterial linings.

    Happy Birthday :-D

  • Would it be possible for you to give your story leading up to stent?, this may give some people help in understanding why stent is necessary. Cholesterol numbers before and after stent?

    You need take your new medication regularly and also life style change, food intake control and regular exercise is necessary. you may also needs review your medication with your GP.

    Going back to work, take full advantage of your medical leave, it is imperative you do rest, relax and recover slowly.

  • Hi, have you discussed with your docs when you can go back to work? Best to be guided by them and I suppose it also depends what your job is.

  • Congratulations on stopping smoking by the way, it's the best thing you can do for your heart and hopefully you will have good health from now on.

    My dad had a huge heart attack in his mid 50's, nearly died, but gave up smoking overnight and lived for another 20 years, just as his consultant predicted. And this was in the days before statins were around.

  • Glad the op went well and you're feeling better. Assuming you had a stent due to atherosclerosis...heart disease. Stents are not a cure and wasn't the by pass I had 3 months ago. Reality - we had heart disease the day before the op and we have it now. There is a light however but I don't think it involves oil or fish! It will of course come down to a personal choice at the end of the day but I encourage you to read the world of Dr Caldwell Esselstyn and Dean Ornish. Esselstyn influenced Bill Clintons current plant based diet and no matter what you thought of Bill...he must get good advice! Have a look and see what you think. Work? I went back after 6 weeks from a quintuple by pass....listen to your body and Drs. Everyone's different. Good luck.

  • I had a stent placed in April I immediately give up smoking and have been on the Esselstyn diet for four months. It is very strict and tough although I am pretty stubborn and am still on it. I am feeling much better. I stopped taking statins as precribed after only a couple of weeks against what my cardiologist told me, because I believe that they do more harm than good in my case. My cholesterol is 141US and 3.65 UK measurement. I have lost loads of weight I look and feel good. The diet speaks for itself.

  • Have a word with your cardiologist I had a stent 2 years ago and at the time I took 4 weeks off my cardiologist said I may have been bored but it was good for the stent. Talk to your cardiologist and take his advice, keep up a healthy diet and life style.

    Also the British Heart Foundation is a good source of information you can talk to a nurse at the British Heart Foundation and or E-Mail their web address is

  • I was 44 when I had a stent fitted and I like you did all the right things at first, now I am 60, and have just had a double CABG, I can speak from personal experience.

    Take every opportunity to get fit again, try to exercise every day, ask if there is some sort of Cardiac Rehab in your area where you could join in, and assess how fit you are. In my area guys get 6 weeks rehab after a stent, if you get it too, use it, when I had mine done I just walked, and got fitter, taking time off work until I was fit again. I was lucky enough to work for a large company with an occupational health department and had to be assessed by the company doctor before I could return to work.

    Over the years I let the good intention lapse the oily fish went out of the window, I started smoking again for a while, I thought "take the statins & don't worry about the diet", well that didn't work. My advise from hindsight would be to adopt a lifestyle that you can achieve allow your self some treats, try to keep the figures for Cholesterol about right keep up the exercise, and as others have said try to make the oily fish interesting so you stick to the good diet.

    One other bit of advice, is know what you are eating, avoid ready meals, and take aways, lunches are a great opportunity to have oily fish and some salad instead of sandwiches.

  • Very interesting as I had an MI and 3 stents at 43, I am now 46. I had pretty low cholesterol at the time 3.5 and it is now 1.8 combined along with good blood pressure. I continue to do loads of exercise. I did smoke but stopped immediately, shocked at the event. I had another Angiogram 4 weeks ago and the stented areas are wide open and other narrowed areas no worse. Please consider continuing dual platelet therapy past the 6 months or one yer advised by cardiologists in the UK.

  • Hi Steven

    Why do you advise continuing the clopedigrel past the recommended times? Esp since the new 2nd gen stents cover up within 1 month .

    Also why did u have another angio after 2 yrs ?


  • Hi Ravi, I had another Angio after a false-positive stress test. Two separate Cardiologists have told me that if it were them they would stay on dual platelet for an extended period because of the blood clot risk, but I do have a couple of other areas with a 50% narrowing.

  • must have been scary having the false positive but glad to hear all clear in angio. Thats my biggest fear with the stents now, you just dont know if it will happen to you. But then again why worry since i didnt ever expect the MI :-)

    All the best

  • I had two stents fitted 3 years ago after a silent heart attack.Although i felt a bit down as you did at first and i think its because in my case it made me realise how delicate life is and how you can be well one minute and feel so vulnerable the next.You should not be going back to work yet,but keep busy. I was put on a 6 week programme at the local Leisure Centre doing excersise & talks on healthy eating.This will be advised at your next outpatient appointment.Make the most of your time home ,go for walks etc.Good luck and stay well.

  • Hi, you gave up smoking! the best thing you can do. I lead a healthy-ish life, my cholesterol is 5.2 and I have 2 stents. I have to take one week off work with no lifting. I'm on Asprin and Clopedigril to thin the blood. I eat a low fat, no sugar diet. There are many yummy oily foods to eat. You do not have to eat oily fish!! Take care, eat well and stay well :-) 22stinky87

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