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depressed after stenting....terrible.

the sudden cardiac pain followed by angioplasty and stenting in february last, changed my life altogether. i am now a timid soul. always depressed and apprehensive. i've been told that cardiac events may recur. so inspite of a negative tmt, normal ekg( moderate hypokinesis), normal lipid, strict diet and walking daily, i am now a shackled man. how do i fight this depression ? can i do any blood test say twice a year to be forewarned about an impending MI?

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So sorry you are having a bad time. If you are in the UK you can have blood tests at least twice a year


You need to go see someone for help. After my heart attack and stents I was low also. In the end i sought out a counsellor who let me get every feeling out if me and that made things so much better. She recommended Mindfulness and I found a class and this really helped.

You know we all have the same problem that we could have another tge same as people who gave never had one. But life goes on and we gave to find a way. Counselling did it for me and with Mindfulness I can control it.

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Sorry to hear that you are feeling low although it is quite normal to think dark thoughts and have a feeling of impending doom after having a heart attack. I too suffered from a blockage 30 months ago and felt the same, why did this happen to me?, will it happen again? Happy to say I survived the bullet and I am now taking each day as it comes. I am a farmer, I work hard, some days I get a little tired but I think being 53 may have something to do with it. A lot of your problem is thinking you might take another heart attack and yes, that is a scary thought but what you must also think about is, the fact that you survived a heart attack and are still alive, now I don't know about you but I think that is surely something that you should be happy about. You should be out celebrating with your friends and family instead of sitting around thinking bad thoughts. Go and get on with your life my friend because you may live for another 40 or more years and the time you have already sat around depressed is a waste of your life. You are going to be fine, I'd rather be in your shoes than someone who has yet to take a heart attack..they may not survive. Good Luck and Chin up my friend.


Marcus911... What wonderful thoughts you have instilled into me. I believe I should now stop reading these divergent posts full of anomalies and contradictions and go on with life. Thanks a lot....


You are welcome and have now turned the corner.. enjoy the rest of your life.

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The psychological impact of a severe health crisis is normal. Be aware that both statins and the beta-blocker drugs (metoprolol or similar) can cause severe anxiety over time, especially when you wean off of them.

I had a triple bypass in March 2015 followed by 4 stents and felt similarly to you. I changed my diet and lifestyle, and dropped 40 lbs to my optimal weight. During this process I gradually stopped taking all of the drugs they gave me including - rosuvastatin, ramipril, metoprolol, and clopidogrel. I still take a baby aspirin daily.

My ejection fraction is now 57% - in the normal range.

I began the Linus Pauling Protocol Therapy in early October and have continued to improve.


Vitamin C in high doses helps repair all tissues in the body most importantly those in the blood vessels and heart. Over time, it might even repair the hypokinetic segment of your heart muscle.

It will take some time but you WILL begin to psychologically adjust and start to feel better. Don't isolate yourself - make sure you socialize with family and friends - get out of the house.

You can read about my journey, including my diet and lifestyle, here:

If you want to ask me any more questions you can message me directly.

Good luck.

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Blood tests:

CRP - internal inflammation

MPO - myeloperoxidase - inflammation of the arteries

Lp-pla2 - risk of plaque cover breaking off

fibrinogen - blood platelet stickiness

homocysteine - tendency for your blood to form clots

Blood clots account for at least 50% of all heart attacks and strokes and this occurs to people with normal to optimal cholesterol levels.

For this reason you should take these vitamins and supplements:

B6, B9 (Folate), B12

Vitamin E,


fish oil

Drink Green Tea daily

Ingest 1 teaspoon of Ceylon (True) Cinnamon daily either in your tea, coffee, yogurt or smoothie.

Eliminate sugar and simple carbs from your diet.


I am going to take the tests early. But CRP hs was done. It was 2.19.


Ideally you want the CRP below 1.0. At your current levels it is in the average risk range.

Follow my suggestions to get it down.

Also find a way to unwind and relax.


How much importance you attach to Tmt? Should I stop rice and fish?


Hello there,, you must have vitamin c, b12 magnesium in proper from and quantity... For long term but best results you may get from arjuna tree' products.


Defieciency of vitamins may result in big diseases.


Hiya Adityac,I had a heart attack last febuary whilst I was at work,since having my stents fitted I have recently been diganosed with severe ptsd,I am awaiting counciling for this as Im no longer the guy I used to be,maybe if you try and talk to your cardio rehab team they might be able to help and put you in contact with the right person.Stay strong friend you are not alone


Thanks Jay. My son's name is Jay too. I am suffering from empty nest syndrome. Check it on net and let me know.


"wow" im going to be honest with you and not to sound silly how does this conect with the angsity? I do appolagise if I sound stupid..


The drugsand anti-coagulants cause depression and mental trauma of some sort s. And the fear of having a repeat attack suddenly and in an unprepared state, also clamps down on your head( at least it has... On my brain)


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