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Hi I had stent put in approx. 4 weeks ago. I am on Plavix and ramopril and aspirin daily. I quit smoking before I had the stent put in and I'm trying to follow a cardiac diet. The problem now that I am having is that I feel more tired now then I did before the stent. My energy level is lower I'm having a hard time staying awake. I work 4 afternoon shifts a week (10 hr. shifts) come home drink a couple beers and go to bed. I sleep 8 to 9 hrs a night. Is there anyone out there that can relate to this? I'm a little depressed right now, I'm 51 years old and feel 100.

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  • Yes, after I had stents put in and the medication I would fall asleep at the drop of a hat, sometimes for seconds, and not knowing I had. It does get better. The depression is also normal, take what help you can, you will get through it. Three years on I still can fall asleep easily, but I'm now putting it down to my age xx take each day, don't worry about these things x

  • most people fell a little depressed after such an operation, it comes as a shock that we are not imortal, but with a strong attitude towards this it will soon fade,

    well done for giving up smoking, but instead of the beers try a walk instead, let the stent be a catalyst to a new stronger healthier you.

  • When you go back for a check up mention this to your DR. Could be you need a drug review. Your pharmacist may be able to help.

  • get onto the internet and see Strauss heart drops canada I have been taking it for 4 years after turning down a triple heart by pass still here and and still working at 76 I endorse it clears clogged artaries give it a try its expensive but works for me bonitalthats all i can say

  • Hello,

    Had a look at the cost, it is expensive, could you please explain to how do you take he medication? for example how many drops, is it via a small spoon or direct in to the mouth? How many times a day . Thanks.

  • Hi bala the herbal medication is in a bottle and has like an eye dropper attached to screw top you take 3 milimetres under your tounge hold for one min and then swallow you take it an hour before existing medication or an hour after you have taken your medication, which ever suits. you can buy half a bottle to try and see how you feel you take it for a year 3 times a day if your artaries are really furrd up like mine was, but you will know because of how you feel when you first start taking then after that when it suits. At first it does not taste nice but that soon wears off it has garlic in it it has berries alchol all I can say it works for me and many others if you can afford half a bottle and its not for you what is £54 if it does the job with no side effects. Let put it this way I have been taking it for 4 years now and I know when I stop but I only take one lot a day and only half a vial

  • Thank you for your reply.

  • There are no herbs that can unclog arteries... save your money. If there were I would have found it by now.

  • Don't think so pal.

  • I had a sent fitted 4 years ago. Never had to be on a diet (I'd disappear if I did. ). However, now with AF plus other bits of trouble I've been given my 13th tablet for the morning and 7th for night. If anything it's the medications that seem to give me more worries. Roll on ablation.

  • You could have your doc change your blood pressure meds tiredness shows as one of the more common side effects of the one you take. I am 48 and had a stent put in over 1 year now. I haven't had a smoke since the day before i went into the hospital, I have cut out caffeine, and alot of the fatty foods. I feel good,, better than before and i'm realizing how out of shape I really am. My cardiologist wants me to get my heart rate up to 130 beats per minute for 30 minutes everyday. I have noticed that when I eat healthy I feel good but if I eat a hamburger and fries I feel like crap the next day. It will get easier,, I worried if the stent would break free and go into my heart,, it didn't and I read up alot on this subject. When I got out of the hospital,,, I was taking effient to keep my blood from clotting, Lipitor for colesterol, lopresor to keep my heart from racing and lisinopril and hydroclorothiazide for blood pressure and a low dose asprin. I am now off of everything but the asprin and the lisinopril and if i can drop 20 pounds I could get off of the lisinopril but the asprin is permanent,, and I can live with that. I am always more aware of what is going on in my chest and how I feel now,, it can be a good thing and it can be a pain in the ass. I hope this helps and do your best to do what you need to do to get better.

  • Thank you very much, I found this helpful I didn't know about the blood pressure medication though. I will look into this

  • My story is almost the same sir. I am taking only areplex and a mini aspirin. I hope to get off the Areplex soon. I lost loads of weight too fast and ended up with gallstones. Gallbladder now removed and feeling tip top again. Good luck.

  • Hi Bala just had my my check up with my doctor who put 2 stents in 4 years ago and said I needed a by pass after ecg and a ultra sound check he said my heart was pumping very well and has discharged me to my G.P. So my heart drops must have worked just thought I would post this

  • I would save my money and avoid the heart drops, a placebo at best and will probably add to your misery. I also received a stent in April. I also had a lot of questions that were not being answered by my cardiologist. Just go home, take the pills, stop smoking reduce fat in my diet and watch the amount of alcohol I consumed. I searched endlessly for weeks on the internet to try and get information that would help me. I found out about Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn. Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease program. Although this can be a huge lifestyle change it is proven to Stop further damage and in many cases had reversed the damage done to many heart attack patients. I have not eaten meat, oils or dairy products and since then have reduced my cholesterol to 3.64 or 141. I have stopped most of my medication.. no statins, no beta blockers. only taking areplex and aspirin once daily. In May I shall only be taking aspirin. Goodluck I think you will find both Dean Ornish and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn' programs excellent and FREE.

  • I am also 51 years and had a stent placed in April 2015 last year. I didn't like the beta blockers, they made me feel weird, tired etc. I asked the doctor if I could stop taking them, he agreed as it was a low dose, I then felt immediately better. I decided to go on a plant only diet.. it's tough but because of that I was able to reduce my cholesterol enough for me to stop taking plavix. The only thing I have been taking now for the past 10 months is areplex and a mini aspirin to thin the blood. I hope to be off the areplex in April 2016. I felt depressed too for a while, that is because I felt that I had been kept in the dark about my health after the stent inplant. I know know that it is up to me to take control of my health and not leave it entirely to the doctors. Still eating plant diet but sometimes have a bit of tuna, or chicken breast every couple of weeks.

    You'll be fine, a lot of the problems we have after a heart attack are caused both by the medication and the body getting used to it and psychological, let go a little think positively, you'll get better and better, if you look after your health.

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