Hello Everyone

I thought I would write this post to introduce myself to you. I am a grandmother who has had frequent episodes of unstable Angina. I have at least two attacks per day. I am sure that most of you will agree that the experience is frightening to say the least. I have been in and out of hospital on several occasions this past few months when my spray didn't help to relive the pain.

I am now awaiting an appointment to have a stent fitted. Although I am apprehensive about having this done I am hoping that it will reduce or even stop the amount of Angina attacks I have so that I can get on with my life.

I also have Peripheral Vascular Disease in my legs and I am taking statins to help with reducing my cholesterol.

I look forward to talking with people who have an understanding of what is happening to me.

Best wishes



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15 Replies

  • Do you smoke?

  • Hello, I used to smoke but not any more since this all happened. I stopped five months ago.

  • Well done; that's the best thing you could do for yourself and those who care about you.

    Nicotine causes the constriction of the endothelial lining of arteries, and the toxins increase clotting factors. If you like caffeine, high-glycaemic foods, anomalies such as yoghurt or beans, fructose, or alcohol it's easy to see how arteries decline from the constant onslaught of vaso-constrictors, blood thickeners and hormones that narrow the linings.

    My wife had stents fitted over a year and a half ago; the 'soreness' has gradually worsened again; managing her anti-coagulants gives relief.

    She found the procedure through the groin much more invasive and traumatic than the angiogram through the wrist.

    Good luck Jeanie.

  • Thank you.

  • Hi Jeanie, I really sympathise as I have recently been through a similar experience. I had suffered with stable angina for a few years but at the beginning of March this year I got chest pains which were completely different and so bad that I thought it was a heart attack. I was taken to hospital and kept in overnight but sent home with medication as my ECG's were fine. Over the next month I had 5 or 6 episodes most days and it was terrifying, on Good Friday I was admitted again as an emergency and while they appeared to doubt that the pain was cardiac related they sent me to a heart unit for an angiogram, where I had two stents fitted. I am pleased to say that the pains stopped immediately. They discharged me saying that I had had a heart attack but a few days later changed their minds and said it was unst able angina!

    Having the stents fitted was not pleasant but it wasn't painful and hopefully it will make a huge difference to your quality of life.

    Good luck


  • Hi Karen,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. The worst thing about unstable angina is that it can happen even when your resting it is a frightening experience.

    I had an angiogram and it revealed some blockage on the right side of my heart.

    It will be such a relief not to experience frequent angina so in a way I hope I don't have too long to wait.

    Best wishes


  • Hello Traci,

    Thank you for your nice welcome. I am glad I found you too. xx

  • Hi Jeannie you are right, I think that's the most frightening part. Sometimes i would be woken up by it. I do hope you don't have to wait long.


  • Thank you Karen, I will share my experience when it all starts to happen :)

  • Don't worry about having stents fitted. Its not so bad. You are awake and can watch the whole thing on TV if you wish. I did this to take my mind off it all. Very interesting.

    I hope it does the job for you.

    Don't sit at home wondering when the appointment will be. Make a nuisance of yourself and push them to make it soon. Bug your doctor and consultants and their secretaries and in the end you will get there sooner.

  • Hello Andyman,

    Thank you.

    My cardiologist phoned me on Monday evening about having the stent fitted so hopefully it wont be long now until the appointment comes through.

    I just want these attacks to stop. I have had two already this morning and it's only 10:30.

    I had an angiogram done a few weeks ago so I am thinking that having the stent done will be a similar procedure.

    best wishes


  • Just lay back and relax. 30 mins and outta there

  • Hi Jeanie, it's great that you've given up smoking as that's the biggest coronary risk factor going. Hopefully the stent will help your angina and you'll soon feel better.

  • Thank you :)

  • Hello,

    I am already feeling the benefits of not smoking, I can breathe freely and taste my food better.

    I purchased a book by Allen Carr called the Easy Way to stop smoking. This has been a great help and I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to give up. I was a heavy smoker and I have finally conquered this demon.

    I am also in the process of making lifestyle changes because I am determined to have a better quality of life and regain my independence.

    I am still awaiting my appointment to have the stent fitted.

    best wishes


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